Saturday, June 4, 2016

Teresa Vanover Prostitutes Disabled Children to Support Drug Addiction? ~by Legal Pub

Don't believe that drug addiction is a powerful disease?  Why else would a parent go to such disgusting lengths to support a habit? Teresa Vanover, age 52, has plead guilty to 48 charges related to prostitution in Rockingham County Superior Court.  What makes this case disgusting is that this Eden woman allegedly committed child abuse by allowing her disabled minor child to have sex for hire with older men.  Specially, there were 24 counts of child abuse by prostitution and 24 counts of promoting prostitution with a minor with a disability!
The alleged acts apparently took place at Woodall's Barber Shop in Eden, North Carolina. It allegedly involved one or more of Vanover's disabled children. Besides the criminal charges, a December of 2015 civil suit was also filed on behalf of the mentally disabled girls allegedly sold into prostitution.  The lawsuit alleges that the children (now age 17 and age 15) need long-term medical and psychiatric attention for repeated sexual abuse.  Attorney Sam McGee of Charlotte is representing the girls in the civil lawsuit. 
In court, Vanover attempted to explain that her offensive behavior occurred inorder to support her drug addiction. Pursuant to the plea agreement, Tersa Vanover was sentenced to six and a half to thirteen years in prison for two counts of child abuse by prostitution. In addition, Vanover was sentenced to six and a half to thirteen years for one count of promoting prostitution with a minor with a disability. Remaining counts were consolidating into a consecutive sentence of six and a half to thirteen years. 
Everette Ferris Jr., 67, was also sentenced to jail time and three years of probation for six counts of patronizing a prostitute with mental disability and indecent liberties with a child. Donnie Ray Carter, 65, is charged with two counts of indecent liberties with a minor, one count of patronizing a prostitute and two counts of first-degree statutory sex offense.  Mickey Dale Snow, 75, is also charged with  six counts of statutory rape and six counts of patronizing a prostitute who is mentally disabled. in the same case.  
Rockingham County District Attorney Craig Blitzer told Fox: "I've been doing this 20 years,” said  “This is the first one that I know of, of a mother prostituting her daughter. It makes you speechless."
The individuals charged are to be presumed innocent until otherwise proven in a court of law.

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