Monday, June 13, 2016

Omar Mateen Demonstrates the Need To Require Mental Competency Exams For Gun Licenses ~by Legal Pub

The country needs leadership.  True leadership.  A leader who will address the issues and not be ashamed to admit he or she made a mistake.  This need for leadership in the aftermath of the Orlando tragedy has never been more clear. Leadership needs to identify the Omar Mateens of the world and get them in mental hospitals before they murder innocent people.  Lack of leadership with a clear plan to identify dangerous radical nut cases is to blame for Omar Mateen shooting up a popular gay nightclub which resulted in 49 people dead and another 53 wounded. Prior to spraying bullets, this mentally ill nut case called 911 and pledged his support to the Islamic State.

How does anyone get an assault rifle and a pistol into a club?  More importantly, why shouldn't gun owners be required to submit to a mental examination every three years as part of a licensing requirement?  Why should it be easier to purchase and own a gun than it is to drive a commercial motor vehicle?

Terrorism does not exist in the absence of mental illness.  No sane person of any religion believes that unjustly taking another's life will win him bonus points in the after life. Mateen, 29,  had been previously been investigated by the F.B.I.  Why didn't they see that this individual was troubled?  Matteen's father, Seddique Mir Mateen and his mother are both from Afghanistan; however, Matteen was born in New York. Mateen apparently had a wife and a child.  He was educated and was employed as a security guard.  But his wife allegedly left him because he was not right in the head. In short, he was nuts and unworthy of gun ownership.  

Politicians take heed, a leader leads and is not afraid to admit when he or she makes mistakes.  A true advocate will promulgate laws that require periodic mental examinations in order to obtain and maintain a license to own a firearm.

Slide Sho A. Lee Bentley, the United States attorney for Central Florida, said the investigators had collected a large amount of electronic and criminal evidence and were trying to determine whether Mr. Mateen acted alone.


Anonymous said...

This makes sense!

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Clinton and Trump both need to read this and put forth a plan!

Anonymous said...

What involvement did his wife have? He was allegedly texting her.