Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve Asteroid Rumor is False ~by Legal Pub

Here at Legal Pub, we almost didn't buy Christmas presents.  After all, rumor had it that on Christmas Eve an asteroid was going to destroy earth or at least cause massive earth quakes.  However, after doing our due diligence we went shopping anyway based on NASA's report that there is no substance to multiple media reports that an asteroid passing by Earth on Christmas Eve will cause earthquakes on the planet.  Those darn asteroid experts at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory have caused Legal Pub once again to become over extended on the credit card debt.
Asteroid 2003 SD220 will be about 6.6 million miles (10.6 million kilometers) from Earth on Christmas Eve.  To put it in perspective, that is about 27 times farther than the moon is from Earth. Like Santa's slay, the asteroid  will not even be visible to the human eye.  Complaints for our consumer debt can be addressed to NASA at their twitter account, @AsteroidWatch.

Merry Christmas

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Thanks... got to go buy X-mas presents!!!