Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Affluenza Teen, Ethan Couch, Maybe In Deep Trouble ~by Legal Pub

Do recent headlines prove that rich coddled children are incapable of making rational choices?  Ethan Couch's recent behavior seems to suggest such a conclusion.  The wealthy Texas teen recently became a fugitive after breaking his probation sentence for killing four people while driving drunk.  Ethan turned up in Mexico and was taken into custody by Mexican authorities. 
Ethan Couch, 18, became known as the "affluenza" teen, because of trial testimony that suggested that Ethan was too rich and coddled to appreciate the danger of drinking and driving.  Ethan received 10 years probation for intoxication manslaughter after the 2013 incident.  
Ethan may not be the only one that is the subject of scrutiny.  His 48 year-old mom, Tonya Couch, is also front and center in the recent legal drama.  Tonya had disappeared with her son. Is she also "so wealthy and spoiled" that she could not tell the difference between right and wrong? Perhaps we will find out after Ethan is turned over to U.S. Marshals Service and Tonya is queried as to her role in Ethan's decision to violate probation.


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Video Guy said...

I have to read more about this, as of your post it sure does sound like they feel they are above the law. Sounds like he should have been in prison in the first place.

Vide Guy said...

yep...and after my recent trip to LA and my also obsession and research into the Manson case...I have to agree with charlie that people like this are "Piggies"...they kill without remorse and buy their way out...with the help of a corrupt judge of corse. We all know what went on behind the scene...the judge got $$$ on the side, and the rich boy probation. the judge has less value on human life than the actual perpetrator.

This kid, "piggy"...and his mother will be out in 2 years as others with less resources would have spent life in prison...justice my ass.

Actually when I dug into things about the Leblancias...they were cheating their employees, skimming money from the business and other illegal practices. Miss LrBlonc had 2mil hidden away..."Piggies" And had their child done the same thing as this Couch kid...it would have been set free.

Think I'll write Charlie...I know he is skitzo, but he had the Piggy thing right it appears.