Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Will Wacky Weed Become Legal In the Midwest? ~by Legal Pub

Election day means the opportunity for change.  Some changes are for the better- others are not.The state of Ohio faces a big decision whether to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.  Issue three on the ballot would amend the state constitution to legalize both personal and medical us of marijuana for adults over the age of twenty one.  If voters adopt the amendment, Ohio would join Alaska, Colorado, Washington, Oregon and the District of Columbia as states permitting recreational use of marijuana.

If the amendment passes, Ohio plans to regulate and monitor producers and sellers.  The state would also tax all sales of marijuana. In fact, if the approved, marijuana will in essence become a highly regulated and controlled state cash crop.

As a key state in presidential elections, the nation will closely watch Ohio. Several other states will vote on the issue in 2016. One suspects that NORML, a group advocating for legalization of marijuana, will be lobbying hard for an affirmative vote in between frequent breaks for "reflection and munchies."      Update 11-7-15:   Ohio voted NO to the amendment.
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