Tuesday, November 17, 2015

More Senseless Deaths ~by Legal Pub

We all join in the mourning for the innocent lives lost in Paris this weekend.  There is no rational being who can justify the slaughter of innocent human beings.  French authorities have seized a black Reunault Clio believed to have been used by some of the terrorists who killed 129 people in Paris. Another vehicle, a Belgian licensed car has also been discovered.  Meanwhile, authorities are searching for an eighth attacker believed to have escaped the scene of the killings.

Unfortunately, such barbarian behavior is not limited to Middle Eastern terrorists. In Kentucky, an innocent 7-year old girl disappeared from her brother's football game and was apparently murdered.  Police are investigating the death of Gabriella Doolin very carefully and trying not to jump to conclusions.  When the girl was discovered missing, the stadium announcer at the Scottsville High School football game announced her name over the PA and the game was stopped.  WTVF  

Approximately 30 minutes after she was reported missing, Gabriella was found dead in a creek about a quarter of a mile from the football field.  The death is being investigated as a homoicide. WHAS   There are a few persons of interest whose names have not been revealed.

11-20-2015 Update:Timothy Madden age 38, was taken into custody by the authorities.  Gabriella had been playing with other children when she disappeared,  Timothy Madden is presumed innocent until it is proven otherwise by a court of law.

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