Thursday, March 26, 2015

Something is going wrong with today's pilots and co-pilots.  Exactly what is unsure; however, Co-pilot Andreas Lubitz appears to be an example of a problem.  Lubitz was the 28 year-old co-pilot of the plane that crashed en-route to Germany.  Lubitz's "intention (was) to destroy this plane," Marseille prosecutor Brice Robin said to the press after investigation into the crash of Flight 9525 was shared with the public.
Airbus A320 was flying from Barcelona to Duesseldorf when it manually began to descend from an altitude of 38,000 feet until it crashed into the side of a mountain.  All 150 on board died instantly on impact. Apparently the pilot had left the cockpit and the co-pilot Lubitz locked the door preventing the pilot's return.  Investigators revealed that the door could only have been blocked intentionally by the co-pilot. "The most plausible, the most probably, is that the co-pilot voluntarily refused to open the door of the cockpit for the captain and pressed the button for the descent,"  Brice Robin told the press.


Anonymous said...

The world has gone nuts

Anonymous said...

Well, at least the co pilot was apparently mentally ill.