Monday, March 9, 2015

Police Excessive Force? by Legal Pub

Another killing? More evidence of police violence? No not the Wisconsin clash with police.  This time, a young mountain lion was killed in Southern California despite its only offense of showing up at the Promenade Mall in Temecula.  Riverside County Sheriff’s Department claims that they received several calls of a large cat roaming in the parking lot at the mall.  Deputies subsequently observed the 150-pound kitten (mountain lion) near Macy’s.  Fish and Wildlife officials allegedly attempted “to safely corral the animal” around 7 a.m. The cat, however, died shortly after its capture.
Those screaming and threatening protest say that the kitten was not aggressive and was unarmed. Police responded, “When we do dart that animal, we are doing so with our best intentions of the animal’s life.”
Intentions indeed.


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Free Willy... I mean mountain lions invading malls.