Monday, February 23, 2015

Sometimes Authority is Just Plain Wrong! ~by Legal Pub

... Gardening > Winter Products > Shovels & Scoops > Bulldog Snow ShovelSometimes, authority gets sidetracked and becomes incredibly wrong.  Take for instance New Jersey where police recently threatened to arrest two Somerset County teenagers going door to door offering to shovel snow.  While there may be local ordinances that prevent door to door solicitation, it was never meant to ban these high school seniors from distributing their fliers door to door.  Yet, that is exactly what Matt Molinari and Eric Schnepf were told by local police in Bridgewater.  .
Police apparently confronted the youth after receiving calls concerning suspicious young men with paper fliers and shovels.  Who next, the Girl Scouts?  While neither Moinari nor Schnepf were arrested, they apparently were lectured as to the law. 
There is nothing wrong with the intent of banning scam artists from harassing residents. But this goes to far.  What society needs is more hard working young men like these two teens. Common sense suggests that shovelers going door to door are not scam artists.  Yet common sense is needed not amended legislation. Sen. Mike Doherty proposed legislation blocking local ordinances as they apply to those  offering to shovel snow within 24 hours of a storm warning. Entrepreneurship and hard work are virtues that need to be promoted, not repressed.
Besides Legal Pub, New York Times, USA Today and Glenn Beck were also apparently offended by the local authorities lack of common sense. 

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