Monday, February 16, 2015

New Age Bonnie and Clyde Hit the Banks? ~by Legal Pub

Times are changing. So is crime. Recent news suggest that an internet hacking ring has stolen as much as a billion dollars from banks around the world.  Cyber-security firms are suggesting better security and higher rewards for bringing hackers to justice.   Since 2013, hackers have been credited with more than 100 banks heists in 30 countries.  Russian security company Kaspersky Lab suggest that the problem needs to be addressed.

Can hackers familiar with the banks' operations, use that knowledge to steal money without raising suspicions?  Can ATMs be reprogrammed to transfer money to fake accounts?  Are hackers interested in the money or identities?  Hackers seem to have differing answers depending on whether they are infiltrating Russia, U.S., Germany, China or Ukraine banks .In one case, $7.3 million was taken by hacking an ATM.  Meanwhile, the U.S. is focusing on improving cyber-security after breaches in Target, Home Depot, Sony and Anthem's computers.
Congress needs to replace the antiquated patchwork of state laws with a national standard giving companies 30 days to notify consumers if their personal information has been compromised.  Furthermore, the government needs to authorize companies to fight back by hacking the hacker's computers and freezing their abilities.  After all, we have the right to bare arms for self defense, why not give Sony the right to fight back and freeze all of the hacker's assets?  In the states, we shoot back at crooks.  Why not extend the principle to the internet?


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Let em hit back!

Vide Guy said...

The 1920's and 30's brought out all kinds of gangs like Bonnie & Clyde that robbed banks...Why?
...Because of the Great Depression caused by the banks. a bad economy robbery and crime are up, good economy = less crime.

I have read considerably about Bonnie & Clyde and do not think for one second that Clyde's brother Buck, or his wife Blanche would have thrown in with Clyde had the economy been better...not the criminal type.
Clyde himself became a petty criminal when a child as his family was very poor and starving during that era when the whole family lived in a tent under a bridge.

In a better economy we'd still have hackers, but less of them doing dirty deeds since today as in the great depression...the "To big to fail" banks are the problem.