Monday, January 5, 2015

More Controversial Police Shootings on the Horizon? ~by Legal Pub

More hot water!  Apparently San Francisco  police officers shot and killed a man near the city  police station.  The man apparently held up an air gun which looked like a handgun.  The incident occurred Sunday evening and the 32-year-old man's identity was not released.  The man was shot three times and died of his wounds. The officers were uninjured.
Prior to the incident, three officers noticed a man hanging around the parking lot of the Mission District police station.  Apparently when the officers walked toward the man, he pulled up his shirt and produced what they thought was a handgun.  It appears that earlier in the day,  the same man had asked some police officers questions about guns and ammunition.  
Will the police ever stop making news?  Even when they do their job it appears that they are scrutinized by the media.

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Anonymous said...

Hopefully race was not an issue.