Tuesday, January 20, 2015

And I Always Thought I Have to Wash My Hair Was An Excuse To Avoid A Date ~by Shell

29 year-old Ann-Marie Gray said no to a man but it just didn't work.  Consequently, Ms. Gray felt like she needed to do more.  So, in order to dodge unwanted advances, the British woman faked her own death.  What a way to avoid a date.  Mirror 
29-year-old Ann-Marie Gray went on a few dates with a man she met on a dating cite. After she decided it was not a love connection, she tried to cancel the next date.  The suitor persisted and messaged that he was on his way over. Ms. Gray messaged back: "Hi there. This is Ann-Marie's sister. I am really sorry to tell you but she was taken into the hospital last night with a very serious illness, so she won't be available for a while. Sorry about that. If or when she comes around and is feeling better, I will get her to message you."
But the gentleman caller did not give up.  He tried to visit her at the  hospital which prompted the following message from Ms. Gray, "I am really sorry to tell you but we lost her last night."
Some guy's are clueless.  The gentleman caller apparently did not get it until he saw Ms. Gray posting on the dating website a few months later. Quite frankly, I am surprised that the jerk did not ask the "imaginary sister" to meet him for coffee.

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Clueless indeed!