Thursday, May 29, 2014

Veteran Blues? ~ by Legal Pub

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki is facing a great deal of scrutiny.  Shinseki recently published an open statement reaffirming his commitment to restoring integrity to a department plagued with allegation of death resulting from delayed treatments at veterans hospitals. USA Today.  Did the letter offer solutions or simply restate the problem?  The retired U.S. Army four-star general, Shinseki, merely acknowledged the obvious when he said that delayed treatments -- up to 115 days on average at a facility in Phoenix, Arizona -- are "reprehensible." In the spirit of fairness, General Shinseki also said that he is taking action to "implement recommendations" from the inspector general report.
But is that enough?  Merely challenging the leadership to do better seems like an oversimplication of a complex issue.   General, can you be more specific by outlining your proposed action plan?  Either come up with a plan or take Sens. Al Franken (Minn.), Kay Hagan (N.C.), Jeanne Shaheen (N.H.) and John Walsh (Mont.) recommendation to resign.  It is a legitimate option that injured and sick vets didn't have during the term of their service or now that they are in need of medical care.
President Barack Obama appeared troubled by the OIG report but failed to suggest any recommended course to General Shinseki.  So, Mr. President, do have a suggested action plan? While the general is committed to doing his duty, it is becoming increasingly clear that no one seems to understand what the job requires.  In sum, it requires an action plan and then execution of the plan.  Certainly the general's 38 year Army career required him to outline a battle plan before he had his soldiers charge into enemy fire. So come on, Sir, let's hear your action plan and see your implementation before another of our countries heroes unnecessarily  dies.

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