Thursday, May 1, 2014

Is Canada Too Much Like the USA? ~by Legal Pub

Canadians speak English as well as French.  Canadians believe in a free society.  Healthcare in the US and Canada have become very similar since the Affordable Care Act.  So why should it really surprise anyone that US political embarrassments have migrated up north?  Case in point is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Toronto's mayor will be taking an extended leave of absence while he seeks help for substance abuse.  alcohol, Ford made the announcement after rumors circulated that a second video of the mayor smoking what appears to be crack cocaine was about to be released.
Ford has a re-election coming up in October.  Just how might his leave of absence affect the campaign? If his leave of absence is unpaid, can Ford claim his is a cost efficient alternative to his challenger this fall? Can he borrow themes from former U.S. President Abe Lincoln and proclaim honesty is the best policy, "I have a problem with alcohol, and the choices I have made while under the influence. I have struggled with this for some time... So please vote for me."   Or should Ford take the road traveled by former President Clinton and simply explain that "I did not inhale."

The Globe and Mail newspaper claim a second video exists that shows Ford smoking what appears to be crack cocaine. Ford allegedly takes a drag from a pipe. Of course, the maker of the video reportedly wants to sell the footage. Ford's lawyer, Dennis Morris, said Ford has accepted that he has a problem. Clearly that is true.  But of course, every contested election is a problem.Will last year of denials by Ford that he smoked crack in a "drunken stupor" harm his campaign?  Well, President Clinton denied "... having sex with that woman" and things worked out fine for him as he was reelected. Furthermore Ford has something going in his favor.  The Toronto Sun allegedly has an audio recording of Ford making offensive remarks about other politicians at a bar.  This would be consistent with Ford accepting responsibility for now "telling the truth."
While Toronto's city council has stripped Ford of most of his powers, at least there appears to be no photos of him stripping or exposing his private parts like Anthony WienerFord may run for reelection on the platform of the American Dream of second chances.  John Tory, who is running against Ford in the election, wants Mayor Ford to resign. But how would that look to the democratic process if Tory wins an uncontested election?
Late night comedian Jimmy Kimmel, has tweeted sincere messages wishing Ford a successful rehab. Tweets are nice, but campaign contributions likely be appreciated more. Should Ford lose this fall, perhaps he can run for office in Vancouver where they have crack pipe vending machines.  LINK.


Anonymous said...

Finally, the type of story that made Legal Pub legendary. I think the Mayor is in huge trouble. No Bill Clinton turnaround forecast up here!

Anonymous said...

LOL. Love it!