Thursday, March 6, 2014

Even Success At Money Has A Price~by Legal Pub

28-year-old Autumn Radtke appeared to have it all.  Great looks, youth and money!  The holy trinity to some.  But the CEO of  First Meta, a virtual currency exchange, is dead and some folks wonder why.   (First Meta allows users of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin to trade and cash out currencies.First Meta Exchange became popular when Jon Matonis publicized First Meta’s receiving of nearly $500,000 in venture capital from Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play Tech and Singapore’ National Research Foundation. First Meta Exchange differed from Mt. Gox because First Meta would accept all different types of virtual currencies both centralized and decentralized.  Bitcoin was one of several options that First Meta offered to its customers. First Meta was thought to have huge potential profitability.) Autumn was found dead in her home in Singapore. To be clear, there was no suspicion of "foul play," meaning officers do not suspect murder which tends to mean either suicide or natural causes.  I doubt it is the latter.

28-year-old Autumn Radtke, an American, was found dead in her Singapore home last month. The official cause of death was "unnatural." That could, of course, technically mean an accident, misadventure, or suicide. Radtke's company, First Meta, expressed its surprise and grief in what appears to be a canned statement that the company is "shocked and saddened by the tragic loss."  But should the death have been so shocking?  Bitcoin has been under scrutiny since the recent collapse of the Mt. Gox exchange in Tokyo. Postings on Autumn's Facebook express her belief in the potential of virtual currencies. Yet she also
linked an article on entrepreneurs suffering depression, commenting above the link: "everything has its price."

Indeed, Autumn may have unfortunately paid the price of the pressure which comes with ascending to the throne of the holy trinity so quickly.  Investigatory scrutiny is never pleasant at any age.  Unfortunately, the world will never know how far this shooting star might have ascended but for the tragic loss of her life.  R.I.P. Autumn.


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Darn shame

Anonymous said...

Our Crypto community also suffered the sudden death of Mikhail Sindeyev aka ‘thecoder’. Mikhail Sindeyev was younger than Autumn Radtke. He died from a stroke.