Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Woody Allen... Funny or a Total Joke? ~by Legal Pub

Woody Allen is no stranger to laughter.  After all, Allen was once considered a rising actor whose movies almost guaranteed delivery of levity to the audience.  Now it seems, that Allen himself is the but of jokes.  Although any statute of limitations has run on possible criminal prosecution, Allen apparently remains convicted in the court of public opinion.
How shocked were you when Dylan Farrow alleged that Woody Allen sexually abused her in 1992?  No criminal charges were ever brought against the appropriately named "Woody;" however, the gossip never subsided.   Allen recently attended a matinee of the Broadway show “After Midnight.” Despite Allen's wife Soon-Yi Previn and their two daughters being present, old "Woody" was the butt of an audience member joking,  "I think he did it!”
Woody Allen apparently ignored the comment and went about his business. Perhaps memory of the allegations would have faded but for Dylan writing an open letter in the New York Times just 13 days before Valentines Day. The letter alleged that Allen had molested her when she was seven years old. Allen wrote his own rebuttal for the Times the following week in which he stated that this would be his "final word" on the subject.  Despite the rebuttal, Dylan subsequently published an essay in The Hollywood Reporter which in essence called Allen's rebuttal "outright lies." 
So what remains of Woody Allen's legacy?  Time will only tell... or the next person to publish another story.

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