Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Raul Ochoa Apparently Needs To Learn That Incest Is Not Best! `by Legal Pub

Raul Ochoa is a 52 year-old California man with a major problem.  Ochoa admitted last week to enslaving a close relative as a "sex slave."  Apparently Ochoa has been satisfying his desires by sexually taking liberties with a developmentally disabled relative for 14 years. The victim is now reported to be around 28 years old.  The abuse started at age 13.  Ouch Ochoa, ouch! This one is going to leave a mark... a permanent mark on your criminal record.

Ochoa entered a plea deal last week which will require him to serve up to 22 years in jail.  The advantages of the plea is that his victim won't have to go through the trauma of testifying at trial. The victim was 13 when she was first abused by Ochoa. The abuse apparently came to the attention of authorities when the victim escaped in 2012.  Only recently has the media publicized this tragic case.  Mercury News .

Ochoa and the girl apparently built a plywood shed in the backyard. The shed was subsequently used as a place to sexually abuse the young lady.  Ochoa also had the victim working for his landscaping firm.  She was home schooled and generally kept away from socializing. Reportedly, Ochoa raped the girl in the shed tow or three times a week.  He prevented her from leaving the house without his supervision and he monitored her cellphone and texts.  Both Ochoa's wife and the girl apparently were physically abused.  It is not known if Ochoa's wife or any of the other children in the household knew of the sexual abuse.

Ochoa allegedly telephoned the victim from jail to persuade her not to cooperate with police. Ochoa's mother may also have been asked to speak with the victim.  "(Ochoa's mother) is trying to track me down and intimidate me into saying that I lied... (Ochoa) has convinced her that I lied about the abuse. Both (Ochoa) and (Ochoa's mother) believe that if I do not cooperate, the criminal case will be dismissed," the victim wrote in a restraining order petition.

A new restraining order prevents Ochoa from contacting the victim or three of her relatives.  The victim was allegedly subjected to repeated sexual and physical abuse from 1999 until 2012.  Allegedly, "...through the use of emotional and psychological pressure as well as sexual abuse, forced to participate in horrific acts for an extended period of time," according to Deputy District Attorney Ryan Wagner.  For more information see: KTRK reports 


Anonymous said...

This guy was a pervert!!!

Anonymous said...

This type of crime is showing up all over. Wonder if this is a mini epidemic of sickos?