Thursday, December 26, 2013

In California for Holidays? Maybe You Better Take a Taxi! ~by Legal Pub

Take the bus and leave the driving to us!  Perhaps not so good advice these days in California.  A tour bus heading back from a Southern California casino crashed east of L.A.injuring 13 people. The bus drove off the shoulder of an Interstate 10 ramp near Baldwin Park early Monday morning. Apparently the bus tried to get on the ramp to exit, but was traveling too fast according to passenger Eduardo Magana. Thirteen were inured, 11 with minor injuries and one with a broken arm.  It is unclear the extent of injury to the other person injured.  
 40 occupants were returning from the Fantasy Springs Resort Casino in Indio when the incident occurred. Rescuers freed the occupants from the blocked door. This accident occurred four days after last weeks three bus crashes that claimed the lives of two people and injured dozen others.

Khang Tieu, 91, died Thursday night, eight hours after a bus returning from a San Diego County casino overturned on Interstate 15 near Corona.The road was slick and the bus was allegedly driving too fast for the rainy conditions. Nearly 50 miles away, another bus heading to a San Diego County casino also overturned.  In that accident, Tayde Murguia, 64, was killed and 19 others injured.

14 occupants were injured Thursday morning near Perris when a Riverside Transit Agency bus slid sideways on State Route 74  and hit a car traveling in the opposite direction.

So if you are headed out to the Rose Bowl and wish to see the sights, perhaps you might want to take a taxi. Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

Bus is still safer than driving drunk!

Your Secret L.A. Admirer said...

Bet you legal types don't have a clue about buses. Bet you spend your time in Limos.

Anonymous said...

Trains, planes, cars, nothing's fool proof when it comes to safety.