Monday, December 30, 2013

Big Mistake in Tupelo, Miss.!

Big mistake! It is one thing to rob a bank.  It is quite another thing to kill a police officer.  Look out idiot, you are now on the most wanted list. The FBI is going all out to catch the idiot who shot officer Gale Stauffer.   Tupelo, Miss., police officer   Stauffer was only 38 when he was slain by a bank robber trying to flee the scene. Another officer, Joseph Maher, 26, was also critically wounded.
gale stauffer
Officer Gale Stauffer
A suspect seen in a surveillance video from BancorpSouth bank in Tupelo was wearing khaki or cargo-style pants. His white Converse tennis shoes, a long-sleeved jacket and a blue ski mask stand out on video.  The get-away vehicle appears to be a charcoal-colored, medium-sized sedan. The suspect is pictured above in the mask.

$160.000 in reward money was offered by authorities for information leading to the killer's arrest I suspect bounty hunters and relatives in need of some cash will be happy to join in the hunt!

Update:   Mario Edward Garnett, 40, once threatened the president in 2010.  He was suspected of carrying out the deadly  Mississippi bank robbery.  He was killed in a shootout with police during a Phoenix bank robbery at a Compass Bank branch Saturday morning.

In 2010, Garnett was sentenced to eight months in prison after pleading guilty to threatening to kill the president. A judge later ruled Garnett violated the terms of his supervised release and sentenced him to 24 months in the Federal Bureau of Prisons. Garnett was released from federal custody about five months ago. Garnett has been connected to a Dec. 23 bank robbery attempt in Atlanta, a bank robbery later that same day in Tupelo, Miss.which resulted in the death of officer Stauffer. (Cellphone records are consistent with Garnett being in Atlanta, Phoenix and Tupelo at the time of each incident.

Apparently Garnett was wearing a black ski mask and black gloves and carrying a handgun. After failing to get any money from a teller, he apparently demanded and received an undisclosed amount of money from someone at an ATM.It is believed that Garnett left in a light gray sedan without a license plate.Later that day, someone stole an undisclosed amount of money from the BancorpSouth in Tupelo before fleeing in a gray sedan.  The two responding officers were shot.

On Saturday in Phoenix, someone called 911 to report seeing a man run into the bank while wearing a mask. The first officer to arrive saw the man leave the bank with a bag and a handgun. The suspect then began firing and a detective shot Garnett dead.  No officers or bank employees were injured.

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