Monday, April 29, 2013

Senseless Violence Can Occur Anywhere...

Lawrence Capener, a 24-year-old maniac, allegedly jumped over several pews at St Jude Thaddeus Catholic Church  and stabbed four people. (A photo of the church appears here courtesy of the A.P.) Such an act of utter senseless violence is not something one would expect to see at a Catholic church in Albuquerque during Sunday mass. What makes even less sense is that Lawrence Capener allegedly targeted the choir area.
Among those injured were church choir director Adam Alvarez and flutist Gerald Madrid. (Madrid was actually stabbed five times.) Fortunately, all four victims were treated at a local hospitals and they did not have life threatening injuries. An off-duty police officer and others at the church stopped Capener before he could do too much damage.

Capener will likely be charged with several felonies. However, the motive for Capener's bizarre behavior is still unknown. The Archbishop of Santa Fe Michael Sheehan released a statement that he was "saddened by the attack... I pray for all who have been harmed, their families, the parishioners and that nothing like this will ever happen again."


Anonymous said...

First cops stationed in schools and now maybe we need cops stationed in churches. Getting way to violent!

Video Guy said...

Guess he didn't like the songs they were a' singing.

Video Guy said...

BTW...seen a documentary from 2010 the other day titled, "Night of the Grizzlies". What an amazing and horrific event. I highly suggest this Doc about two separate grizzly attacks 10 miles apart, in the same night in Aug 1967 at Glacier National Park. Created some 40 years later, the people involved were finally ready to talk.

Night of the Grizzlies is a book, published in 1969, by author Jack Olsen and an influence here.

What I found most interesting was an interview with a Indian Man who helped to track down one of the victims dragged away by one of the attacking Grizzlies, (in the middle of the night in a grizzly infested forest mind you).
Earlier that evening he said, "White people are so dumb", referring to the actions the resort employees were using to feed the Grizzlies and bring them closer to the resort for the guests to view them up close. Good tourist attraction until the Grizzlies ate one of them.

Video Guy said...

(First cops stationed in schools and now maybe we need cops stationed in churches.)
...I blame the press for the increase by making each one of these nuts a household name.
There was a school shooting at my local high school when I was still in grammar school, it was on the news for about two days.
What actually needs more attention is what happens to these nuts years and years later when they are released.
Our prisons are overfilled with non-violent offenders but many, many times the worst of the worst are released early...and some go on to kill again.

Anonymous said...

Not very politically correct comments by the Indian tracker.

Video Guy said...

"Not very politically correct comments by the Indian tracker."

Considering the era, the late 60’s…not so much. Especially considering how the American Indian was treated back then. I knew some people from upper Wisconsin who lived near a reservation and called the local Indianans “Squaws” and “Chiefs”…and other degrading things….and this was mid-70’s
Besides what the Indian Scout said was a reaction to what he seen and knowing his ancestry and their history of living with the Grizzly Bear. Dumb white people turned out to be correct that very night.

These attacks have changed the way Grizzly’s are treated to this day….”Don’t Feed the Bears” !!

...Or they will come back looking for more hand-outs and prob eat you.

Anonymous said...

Darn Indian. Next thing you know they will want their land back that we stole

Video Guy said...

"Darn Indian. Next thing you know they will want their land back that we stole"

Na...their making tons of cash of the gambling, no need to go "off the res"