Monday, April 22, 2013

Abdella Ahmad Tounisi Needs Education

The biggest problem with being stupid is that "it's dumb." Perhaps not an elegant statement but truer words have perhaps never been spoken. Abdella Ahmad Tounisi of Aurora, Illinois is 18-year-old and he is stupid if what authorities say is true. Specifically,  Abdella Ahmad Tounisi is accused of trying to join an al Qaeda-linked group fighting in Syria.  This is a big mistake given our FBI's position on terrorism. Tounisi was arrested Friday as he prepared to board a plane bound for Turkey. (Not exactly a tourist destination.)

Tounisi is allegedly an acquaintance of Adel Daoud, an American accused of trying to bomb a Chicago bar last year. (If nothing else, Tounisi proves his stupidity by association.  What is it that you learn in school about birds of a feather?)  Tounisi faces one count of attempting to provide material support to a foreign terrorist organization. The criminal complaint alleges that Tounisi made online contact in March with a person he thought was a recruiter for Jabhat al-Nusrah, the militant Islamist Syrian group which is thought to be a subdivision of al Qaeda in Iraq.

Tounisi was actually sending emails to an FBI employee instead of the terrorist group.  Tounisi is represented by a public defender.  He faces a maximum of 15 years if convicted.


Anonymous said...

The foolishness of youth.

Video Guy said...

I knew a guy who joined the Marines because he thought our next engagement would be in S. Africa. He wanted to kill black people legally and thought this the best way to do it.

There is no rhyme or reason to ones hate and the extent some will go to. And they use many reasons, race, religion, greed, jealousy.

Not sure what they can charge this guy with since the only crime he committed was an interest. He may have went there and decided to turn around and go back home.

Law Man said...

Well, merely wanting to associate with a terror group and taking at least one step toward doing so is in fact a federal crime.

Tree of Knowledge said...

Really? What person of right mind can ever justify killing in the name of any God?

The weak of mind are suspectible to being indoctrinated into terror circles. They have nothing better in their lives and they have no ability to resist persuasion.

Video Guy said...

(Well, merely wanting to associate with a terror group and taking at least one step toward doing so is in fact a federal crime.)
...and there lies the speculation. What exactly is a terrorist group? How about the right wing religious people who bomb abortion clinics? They have a name and organization..."The Army of God"

Is terrorism dependent on ones identity with a Deity?

Anonymous said...

There are lists of known terrorist groups. Not much of an argument about the terrorist group in this case, v.g.