Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Senator Crapo, Sometimes a Name Says it All!

Sometimes a name says it all!  Alexandria, Va. Police Department arrested Idaho U.S. Sen. Michael Crapo. Crapo early Sunday morning, Dec. 23, 2012 and charged him with driving under the influence in a Washington, D.C., suburb.  Crapo was pulled over after an officer saw the senator run a red light. Police spokesman Craig T. Fifer said that Crapo failed "several field sobriety tests," reports CBS News. The Republican Senator was later released on an unsecured $1,000 bond. He will have to appear in court on January 4th. Crapo was slated to take the top GOP spot on the Senate Banking Committee. He also belongs to "a bipartisan group of senators who came together to work on a budget deal to avoid the upcoming 'fiscal cliff."  (Sounds like he is lucky he did not drive over the cliff!)

Not to worry, Senator Crapo says he is sorry and it won't happen again.  (He would have been better off to claim that the political haggling over the budget drove him to drink.) 

P.S., Crappo says our government is in good hands.


Anonymous said...

Crappy Senator?

Video Guy said...

He should resign as citizens who are convicted of the same offences are punished for the rest of their lifes with the same mark on their record.
No reason for him to drive drunk with the access he has to limos’ and drivers…at our expense. Makes one wonder what he was up to before the arrest??

Watch, the charges will be dropped as these elected officials think they are above the law…and the cop who busted him will eventually lose his job. But we will not hear about that.

Video Guy said...

I just read this about the Senator,
(Idaho Sen. Michael Crapo is a strict social and fiscal conservative (whatever that means these days: Tax the poor, give corporations taxpayer money, and scream about loose women using contraception combined with bizarre beliefs about the female body). He’s a Mormon who has told the press that he doesn’t drink…
… Crapo has also been really clear that we need to spend our money going after young girls who cross state lines to violate his religious beliefs by seeking an abortion. Yes, drinking and driving might kill other already-borns, but abortion, while legal, is not okay in Crapo’s eyes…
… Lastly, and you probably guessed this one, due to his strict social values, Crapo voted YES on prohibiting lawsuits against gun manufacturers. I mean, what kind of world would this be if the parents of dead children could sue gun manufacturers? He also voted no on background checks at gun shows. In fact, he has earned himself an A+ from the NRA.)

So he is a stone cold liar and hypocrite…more reason he should resign

Video Guy said...

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Twenty years later, in 1864, members would ask Church leaders, “why it is that we do not see more angels, have more visions, that we do not see greater and more manifestations of power?”

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Anonymous said...

thanks for share..