Monday, October 1, 2012

VFW Shootings Occur In Florida Not Afghanistan

Are veterans becoming targets? One might expect this sort of thing in Afghanistan. But in Florida? Apparently so.  In Florida, two people were killed and another injured after a shooting at a Veterans of Foreign Wars post. A charity motorcycle ride was supposed to depart from the post when the shooting occurred Sunday morning.  Shots rang out while the riders were eating breakfast. Apparently an unknown number of armed men came into the VFW and began shooting. It's unclear if anyone returned fire.

It has been reported that some type of argument may have occurred in the parking lot before the shooting.  Several people have been detained and a number of weapons confiscated. The VFW has helped establish the Veterans Administration as well as helped improve education benefits and medical centers for veterans. Its also a fun place to play cards, bingo or grab a drink.  At this point, it's unclear why the shooting occurred.


Anonymous said...

Any military or Veterans facilities, the sign reads, "leave all weapons at the door'. No weapons allowed."

I am of the opinion that impotent men seem to need to carry guns.

Anonymous said...

Too bad they stooped so low as to shoot during a charity ride.

With street gangs once your "in", your in forever.

While it was a charity event by VFW, not sure any vets were involved.

Anonymous said...

Can you say gun control!

Anonymous said...

Gun Control doesnt work! Mexico and Venezuela both basicly banned guns and insanely powerful gangs took over. England, a country with low gun violence before they were banned, actually has more gun violence than before they banned guns!

Gun control only hurts civilians, by not giving them the means to protect themselves.