Monday, October 22, 2012

Radcliffe Franklin Haughton Enraged From Domestic Dispute?

The saying used to be "behind every good man is a woman."  Now it is increasingly starting to be that behind each bizarre killing there is a history of domestic violence.  Legal Pub's Proposal.  The latest murder in Brookfield Wisconsin seems to confirm the trend.  Radcliffe Franklin Haughton (photo at left courtesy of AP) apparently shot and killed three women and injured four more Sunday at a suburban Milwaukee spa where his wife worked. The deceased suspects ex wife had previously plead in legal documents that Radcliffe had threatened to throw acid in her face and burn her with gas. Police haven't indicated whether Zina Haughton was among those killed or wounded. It was also alleged that Radcliffe thought she was cheating on him, and that he threatened to kill her if she ever left him. 

Zina was granted a four-year temporary restraining order this month after her husband was arrested for slashing her tires. (She told the court he threatened to burn her and her family with gas.)

After Radcliffe killed three women and wounded four others, he took his own life.  His bizarre behavior coincides with a history of domestic abuse.   Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives agent confirmed that a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun was used in the killings.  A 1-pound propane tank was found at the scene.  It is believed it might have been intended as an explosive device.Radcliffe was found dead in one of the small locked rooms in the spa. Radcliffe Franklin Haughton was 45.


Anonymous said...

This psychotic rage needs to be stopped.

Bertha said...

This crap is all an attack on women. The war against women needs to be countered by us gals who are now ready to fight back!

Anonymous said...

This guy is a wacko!

Video Guy said...

Once one understands the human as a evolved species as apposed to some miracle one can have a better understanding of domestic abuse and why it happens.
There are endorphins released during a relationship and once it ends they are continued to be released to the one person still “in love”, causing that person to be ill. “Love Sick” is much more than a phrase.

Watch the documentary “Monkey Island” and how this one male monkey is fighting off other males as he mates with his females... amongst other good studies of habit.
Since we are nothing more than very smart Monkeys this dominant instinct is still present in most males and can be very good in a loving relationship, but go terribly wrong when things break-up.
These endorphins also affect the female of our species but they are more likely to commit suicide during a break-up, but some do attack.

There are probably drugs that could be created to reduce the endorphin release during a break-up but that would dip into the divorce lawyers profits since this endorphin release causes the vengeance factor in many divorces.

I’m not saying what this guy did was justifiable...I’m saying there is a scientific curable cause.

Anonymous said...

Nuts is nuts!