Friday, October 21, 2011

Economic Woes Cause Men to Cheat? Oh Really! Take Moammar Kadafi As An Example... ~by Helen

  • I refuse to sugar coat reality and I sure as hell don't advocate giving men more excuses for their irresponsible behavior. In the past I have clearly explained why women are entitled to alimony. For those who need Cliff Notes, it is because most men are scum. LINK. The evidence supports my conclusion that men cheat. INFIDELITY As a result, men get what they deserve. That is why it becomes so disappointing that money is being wasted to provide men with additional excuses for their lame behavior. Let's just all concede the fact that men will cheat for any reason, so direct your research toward something worth while like curing cancer.
  • Why am I so worked up? Well, a new study claims that the recession (I am not talking about diminishing male hairlines) has increased men's sexual appetites -- at least when it comes to "sex with the other woman."The November issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, suggests that men are cheating at an alarming rate because of the economy libido boost . Stress Leading To more Sex?

Omri Gillath of the University of Kansas, rationalizes that when faced with a threatening environment, males can't help but seek short-term mating strategies to ensure their genes survive. (Now, I didn't really care much for Darwin, but his theory would advocate eradicating such neanderthal men through natural selection. If the theory really worked, we would not have the need for this article.) "We're biologically wired to reproduce, and the environment tells us the best strategy to use to make sure our genes are passed on... When the environment is secure and you have enough food and things are working the way you would like them to, people are more likely to invest in their existing kids and stay with their current partner or prefer long-term mating strategies... But if the environment is dangerous and your chances of survival are low -- if there is a famine or more enemies then people will adopt short-term strategies which allow them to reproduce more," said Gillath Short-term strategies to reproduce more.

Gilliath's conclusions are completely unreliable. (First it was performed on men whose very nature defines unreliability.) Second, the study was conducted by showing some cavemen images of death and then showing them sexual images. Gillath found that men's heart rates increased more when they were first presented with the idea of their own death before viewing sexual images. This is so intuitive that it should go unstated. Neanderthal men get excited with almost any stimulus including violence and dirty pictures. It all becomes very mathematical. Death plus dirty pictures is always greater than dirty pictures alone.

Third, how dare Gillath contradict the Dr. Drew Show. He recently had Simone Bienne author of "Men Going Through A Sex Recession," opine that the bad economy has cause male libido to decline. “Stress is the biggest libido zapper we know, and for a man, it's specifically cash flow and work-related issues that can bring his drive way down.” They are all wrong. A depressed economy doesn't reduce the frequency of men whoring around... it simply reduces the number of men who get caught cheating. The reason is that men become to cheap to take their mistress to expensive trendy res truants and women have less financial ability to hire detectives to nail their butts in the act of cheating.

Male sex drives has nothing to do with economic woes. Such financial woes become cited as lame excuses for failure to pay spousal maintenance and child support but it has nothing to do with the increase in men cheating. Furthermore statistics can be misleading. 3,000 survey responders to Shape and Men's Fitness magazines from 2009 concluded that 17% more women are having sex more often than the average man during the recession. women having sex 17 percent more. Perhaps that just means more women have realized that wasting money on men is useless and thus have come to prefer a partner of the same sex.

Based on my experience, increase in women's libidos is due to them conquering archaic sexual norms and alleviating stress and anxieties by sexual release. This may be telling their spouse what they need or finding fulfillment with a lover. But keep in mind, when a woman stays from a relationship, it is almost always the man's fault for failing to fulfill her emotional needs. When a man cheats, it is only to satisfy his desire for physical pleasure. Furthermore, when a woman has sex it is almost never to "spread her genes." Women understand the need for contraceptives and the natural selection process which could ultimately make scum bag men extinct... just like Moammar Kadafi who finally got what he deserved.

Moammar Gadhafi's 42-year tyranny ended when he was dragged wounded out of a drainage ditch and executed by his captors. While violence is never the answer, Gadhafi's death exemplifies the need to eradicate the lack of responsibility that has been allowed to breed contempt, hatred and further self-perpetuation.

Update 10-26-11: Andrea Syrtash actually advocates a form of "cheating" by females to save their marriages. LINK. Might it have saved Gadhafi's life? Doubt it.


Anonymous said...

Helen: Yous scare the h@ll out of me! If must be Halloween time.

Anonymous said...

Helen makes Shell on this cite look like a saint.

Sally J. said...

YOu go girl!

Anonymous said...

Come on. Not all men are as bad as Moammar Kadafi.

Anonymous said...

But I think 30 some Kadafi supporters were found dead too. They were all "traditional" when it came to women.

Anonymous said...

A relationship is not a fairy tale. Real-life adult relationships have there ups and downs. Disagreements don’t signal the demise of your relationship. “There are always ways to resolve disputes and build a stronger bond.

Video Guy said...

There was a doc I seen on human sexuality and one segment they spliced in a piece from a Montel Williams show about adultery. Montel asked his audience of mostly women if they think they should be made aware if their husband cheated on them…most all their hands went up. Then he asked if their husband should be made aware if they cheated on him…about three hands went up.
Adultery is a double standard in the woman’s mind, and they do it just as often…but is always the husbands fault, because a woman will never admit to shame.
Lets not forget Suzan Smith who’s children got in the way of her affair…so she killed them. I don’t recall any such crimes being committed by a male in the same way…killing his children over an affair. If so please point them out.

The fault is in the standard that the human species is meant to be monogamous…we are not.

Anonymous said...

True Vid Guy. It is a double standard.
But men can 't handle the truth about when their women cheat

Anonymous said...

Helen! YOu are too funny!

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