Monday, September 19, 2011

John Boyer, Woman Hater Or A Man Who Just Can't Part With A Buck?

A story of uncontrolled rage or a delusional psychopathic vigilante? Perhaps John Boyer likes using prostitutes but just doesn't want to pay them. Boyer has been described as a grandfatherly looking trucker that must have a problem with women. How else can one explain Boyer being charged with murdering three women and dumping their bodies along the interstate? Perhaps he is so cheap that he just can't stand to part with a buck.

When we refer to "allegations" we may be a bit kind. Boyer has already plead guilty to killing a woman in North Carolina. He also faces murder charges in slayings in Tennessee and South Carolina. He may have already confessed to both of those crimes as well. An apparent lack of remorse from Boyer may mean that he is responsible for even more. Boyer was an over the road trucker who apparently employed the services of prostitutes. As such, Boyer may need to be considered in other unsolved crimes all over the country.

Perhaps consistent with rage, the trucker picked up 25-year-old prostitute Jennifer Smith in April 2005. Boyer brought her to an abandoned parking lot just off Interstate 40 where Boyer and Smith argued. He then apparently strangled her and dumped her body from the cab. Jennifer's body was found in 2005. After two years, authorities matched DNA found on her body to Boyer. Boyer allegedly confessed to the killing and then articulated a rage against women in general.

In support of Boyer just being tight with a buck consider the following. Boyer has never been married. He lived with his mother in Georgia. He has been described as frugal. Prior to the deaths in which Boyer is suspected, the victim and Boyer argued over compensation. For example, Boyer is suspected in the death of 34-year-old Michelle Haggadone. Michelle's body was found in April of 2000 near Florence, about 30 miles from the truck stop where Boyer had picked her up. (Haggadone remained unidentified until DNA samples from a relative matched her remains a decade later.) Boyer denied killing Haggadone but allegedly added that he had "slept with a lot of prostitutes and a lot of them were detectives' daughters or prosecutors' daughters, " according to Captain Locklair. It is suspected that the murder took place with a cord or wire after Boyer and Haggadone argued over the price of her services.

Boyer is currently serving a 12 year North Carolina sentence for the second-degree murder of Scarlett Wood. Scarlett Wood was a 31-year-old prostitute. Boyer got mad and pushed her. She struck her head on furniture. An autopsy revealed that Wood suffered broken ribs and facial bones. In addition, her pelvic bones were consistent with a stabbing. H. Lawrence Shotwell apparently represented Boyer in the case.

Boyer is also a suspect in the death of 26-year-old Rose Marie Mallette. Rose was reported missing in 2001. Rose was found wrapped in a blanket in an industrial area with the back of her skull crushed. Boyer could be responsible for more deaths because of his short temper with women who want the benefit of their bargain. At least two unsolved murders involve woman who were small and slightly built. Boyer's victims were all of slight build.

Boyer has rage that perhaps not even a mother could love. That may explain why Boyer sits in jail with little or no visitors. One can only wonder what justice may occur if Boyer tries to stiff a prostitute behind bars.

Of course, all suspects are innocent unless proven otherwise in a court of law.


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Unusual Legal Pub attack. But John Boyer sounds like he deserves every bit of it!

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Looks like a creeper to me!

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Looks like Poppa Smurf but apparently acts like Jack the Ripper.

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My guess is he is just a tight wad.

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Just look into this man's eyes and you will see hatred.

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