Monday, January 10, 2011

Jared Loughner Gave So Many Clues Of His Instability

Jared Loughner, may himself be a victim. A victim of radical political propaganda which enrages the mentally weak to the point of losing self control. But there will likely be no sympathy for the 22-year-old suspect who allegedly killed six people and wounded a dozen more. We all get bombarded by political rhetoric and half truths. (Is President Obama really a citizen?) But we control our actions and most of us try to remain rational and in control of our tempers. But now twelve people have been shot, including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, and six more are dead, including U.S. District Court Judge John M. Roll. When will the madness be better understood so that it can be prevented?
Loughner's instability should be no surprise. His irrational thought pattern is well documented in rambling posts on his MySpace page and YouTube videos. (Loughner appeared to be obsessed with the 2012 prophesy, mind/dream control and politics.) At Pima Community College in Tucson, one of his videos resulted in his suspension. His parents were told that he needed a mental health evaluation. New York Times. Yet it is unclear whether he was ever professionally evaluated. According to former class mates, Loughner frequently disturbed the classroom with nonsensical outbursts. His ultimate suspension form college came as little surprise. After Pima, Loughner tried to enlist in the Army in 2008. According to First Sgt. Brian Homme, Loughner was rejected as "unqualified." Arizona Daily Star. Loughner had to be really bad to have been turned down by today's volunteer Army. Yet, did the Army recommend a referral to a mental health clinic?

Loughner was allegedly obsessed with the 2012 prophecy (Nostradamus) and politics. While many question the world's future, Loughner apparently lacked the ability to cope with uncertainty. There is no more clear evidence than his thoughts on politics. Loughner once met with Gabrielle Giffords in '07 and subsequently commented that "... Politicians just don't get it." (Why would this come as a surprise to any rational voter?) The federal complaint against Loughner documents a letter from Giffords in a safe at Loughner's house thanking him for attending one of her "Congress on Your Corner" meetings in 2007. While this may not be so unusual, the charging information goes on to state: "Also recovered in the safe was an enveloped with handwriting on the envelope stating 'I planned ahead,' and 'My assassination' and the name 'Giffords' along with what appears to be Loughner's signature." (See complaint ). This obviously demonstates the obsession and rage that was building inside this young man's head.

VIDEO: Does this video appear to be that of a well balanced young man? Suspect Video. " The current government officials are in power for their currency! If you're treasurer of a new money system, then you're responsible for the distributing of a new currency. We now know – the treasurer for a new money system, is the distributor of the new currency. As a result, the people approve a new money system which is promising new information that's accurate, and we truly believe in a new currency. Above all, have your new currency, listener?"

OTHER LOUGHNER WRITINGS: Loughner also wrote: "I won't pay debt with a currency that's not backed by gold and silver." (Obviously delusional. If he was not working, he wasn't paying any taxes.) In a video directed against Pima Community College, Loughner said, "If I'm not receiving the purchase from a payment then I'm a victim of fraud." In Internet postings, he seemed to foreshadow his own death. SHOOTING.
For a video link of "Loughner's final thoughts" before the shooting, watch this: LOUGHNER FINAL THOUGHTS.
Update 1-10-11: Loughner was charged with one count of attempted assassination of a member of Congress, two counts of killing an employee of the federal government and two counts of attempting to kill a federal employee. More charges are expected. Among those killed were a congressional aide and a 9-year-old girl. President Barack Obama has called for a moment of silence at 11 a.m. EST to honor the victims.
Update 1-12-11: Attorney Judy Clarke is representing suspect, Jared Loughner.


Anonymous said...

I loved your links. This may be one of the most comprehensive sources of information on this shooting. Kudos.

Service Man said...

Enjoyed your objective documentation except for your reference to todays Army. Today's Army is a hell of a lot more selective than you apparently think.

Anonymous said...

This guy needs to fry! No excuses.

~Jay said...

2012 will result in a slew of natural disasters culminating in the end of the world (as we know it.) This prediction is based on a bunch of savage, child sacrificing, jungle-dwelling Mayans who prophesied it hundreds of years ago. They created this prophesy using a calendar. The original Armageddon was changed from December 24, 2011 to exactly 11:11 GMT on December 21 2012, so that everyone could enjoy one last New Years Eve party!

Larry said...

Yup, and their calendar outlasted their Mayan civilization. That's like a mother-in-law still nagging you long after she is in the grave.

Now that there is funny, Jay, I don't care who you are.


Anonymous said...

"I don't care who you guys are" it is not cool to joke about shootings!

Anonymous said...

There joking about the Mayan's and anyone who is naive enough to believe their ancient rubbish.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, get a clue. NO one is joking about the shootings or the victims. Just a some folks way of pointing out how foolish beliefs can be.

Anonymous said...

This is tragic. Pray for the dead and injured.

Legal Pub said...

Update 1-10-11: Loughner was charged with one count of attempted assassination of a member of Congress, two counts of killing an employee of the federal government and two counts of attempting to kill a federal employee. More charges are expected. Among those killed were a congressional aide and a 9-year-old girl. President Barack Obama has called for a moment of silence at 11 a.m. EST to honor the victims.

Secrets said...

Larry, the Mayan calendar comment made me laugh out loud!!

And I clearly understood that you were NOT joking about the shootings.

Regarding the it just me or is Sarah Palin culpable too?

Inciting those kook tea worshipers to commit violence with her "reload" tweets and her map of 20 Congressional districts with "crosshairs" over "targeted" areas on her Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

thanks for this tips

Video Guy said...

In the old days there were state run facilities for guy like this, funded by the state. Now a days our prison system is the new mental health facility, most violent prisoners are crazy people. And this means one has to commit a crime first before anyone will take a Schizoid personality like this guy seriously as a danger.
In the old days someone could complain about a guy like this and the state would have a look at him and cover the cost. Now a days the family is expected to pay for such a service, and if he is committed it would be to an expensive privately run facility. Not much motive for the family to seek help for him, especially if he is borderline and functions.
Since the state no longer pays for such services thanks to lobbyist from the privet sector and the politicians who took their cash, this politician and the public paid dearly, some with their lives, for decisions made by politician’s years before…That’s called cause and effect.

But the people who make such decisions don’t see it that way, they will blame it on the guns and try to take away more of our rights.

It saddens me that this didn’t have to happen if the funding was there for state run facilities, instead of the same funds going to the rich bankers and corporate tax breaks. They have already made the decision to imprison the mentally ill instead of curing them, how long until they decide to just eliminate them like the Nazis did ?

We have a long, long way to go just to get back to where we were before, a prosperous caring nation.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the Elgin State Mental hospital still around?

Anonymous said...

Secrets: Yes, All those who spew politial propaganda are to blame not just Palin. It happens on both the liberal and conservative sides. They work folks up into a freziea and the weak lose control.

Anonymous said...

Professor Debbie Scheidemantel called police to remove this dude from class. He wouldn't calm down. He kept babbling about his rights under the Constitution to get full credit for an assignment. Nuts.

Reader said...

The media has been quick to blame. The left accuses the right of fostering a climate of hate that made such a tragedy more likely. The right accuses the left of exploiting the rampage for political gain. It is all crap!

• Giffords' district has a long history of political tension. [NY Times]

• From Columbine to Tuscon, there is a disturbing history of online manifestos and mass shootings [NPR]

• Westboro Baptist Church is planning to protest the funerals of shooting victims. Arizona lawmakers are trying to protect families from harassment. When will folks give up? [Talking Points Memo]

• Loughner's parents blame themselves but they shouldn't. [NY Daily News]

• Loughner was a registered independent who didn't vote in last year's election. [CBS News]

• Consequences of heated political speech are debatable. [CNN][Washington Independent]

• Rhetoric has not softened despite the shooting. [USA Today]

• Let's not give Loughner so much credit. He was just crazy. [New Yorker]

• Not all mentally ill folks are violent. (Wall Street Journal)


The Big "C" said...

This calls for a comment not a joke and I will try to avoid the frustration of being upstaged by the levity of Jay and Larry.

Comment: I don't think any one should feel guilty about the kid not seeing a shrink. It would have went something like this:

The young man, feeling down, seeks the psychiatrist's counsel.

So the college drop out lays on the couch and babbles his delusional thoughts on life, currency, politics and getting kicked out of class with the hope that the psychiatrist will make him feel better.

After the psychiatrist listens to his depressing babble, he jots down a few notes and says: "I think your problem is low self-esteem. It is very common among losers like yourself."

Deepest sympathies to the family. Don't feel like you are to blame, counseling would not have helped.

Video Guy said...

You just may be right “Big C”. I doubt anyone could have diagnosed or predicted an event like this, no matter how deranged this guys thoughts.

About ten years ago I read a book titled “Angel Eyes, or Angel Heart”…something like that…anyway, it’s about a guy who grew up watching his older brother slip into schizophrenia. Even though he was diagnosed with the illness the state could not institutionalize him until he committed a crime and the family could not financially afford to have him committed on their own. Financing was a problem for the state as well as to why they only took proven dangerous cases. For something like ten years this family, untrained with mental illness, had to deal with him, scared to death for their own safety as well as others. Eventually he burnt down the family home and the state took him, this did not have to happen if there were funds and resources available to this family.
Though this kid in the book was incurable there are many cases that are curable with drugs and therapy, if the resources are there.

BTW, I have just read that the State of Arizona does have services available if an authority figure or a family member complains or asks. As to the extent of the services I do not know. A MSM so called professional on such matters has said that the family just may have been afraid of him themselves as to why they did nothing. Since the family has said zilch we do not know what they have tried. A diagnosis of mental illness does not equal violence, as most are passive.

Video Guy said...

here is a good link to the budget cuts Arizona made to mental health services:

Anonymous said...

Update 1-12-11: Attorney Judy Clarke is representing suspect, Jared Loughner.

Anonymous said...

So many clues so little pre-tragedy action.