Thursday, October 11, 2007

65 Polish Nuns Supporting Mother Superior Jadwiga Ligocka Forcibly Evicted From Convent By 150 Police

A new medical study has been sent to Legal Pub courtesy of a well known Medical Doctor who sometimes posts anonymously. The study perhaps foreshadows what the Ex Nuns in Poland have to look forward to in the immediate future.
Research has revealed that the most used sexual position for married couples is a doggie style position.

he Husband sits up and begs and the Wife rolls over and plays dead!

Which leads into our story of single non sexually active women in Poland. 150 police forcibly entered a convent in eastern Poland to evict 65 rebellious ex-nuns and a monk who have occupied the complex for two years.The nuns had taken over the building in a rebellion against the Vatican, which replaced their mother superior, Jadwiga Ligocka.

"They were disobedient," said Mieczyslaw Puzewicz, of the Lublin diocese of the Roman Catholic Church. "They didn't recognize the authority of the mother superior."

TVN25 has video showing the police negotiating with nuns in black habits, trying to convince them to leave. According to Polish media, Mother Jadwiga was a charismatic figure who shared religious visions and was attempting to transform the convent into a contemplative order. In 2006, the Vatican formally expelled the nuns from the Bethany order. However, the nuns refused to leave the building. A former Franciscan friar also lived with them. The church obtained an order of eviction. The electricity was cut off , but local residents secretly brought the nuns food and medicine.

Now that the nuns are ex-nuns, they are free to marry. As such, they may trade one life of chastity for another.


Anonymous said...

I can see the connection!


Pete said...

The doctor's study is right on! That describes the last 10 years of my marriage. Marriage is like wetting your pants. It is a warm comfortable feeling at first, then it gets darn right nasty!


jimmie said...

Kind of fits in with the marriage strike. Seems like getting husbands in Poland will be a little more difficult with 65 ex nuns being thrust into the dating pool.


Anonymous said...

Maybe the ex monk kept the 65 ex nuns well entertained with his humming?

ralph said...

I did not participate in this medical study, but they might as well been peaking into my bedroom because they nailed it head on!


Anonymous said...

What is it about marriage that ends sex? Seems like once you say I do, the doing stops or at least declines so much that it seems like never?

Bob P.

pete said...

Once you get married, the contract changes. Woman no longer have to pretend to enjoy it. Then it becomes a weapon. Be a good boy and do what I want and you will be rewarded with it. Be a bad boy and I will withold sex and make you miserable.

The reason, Bob, is clear. That is another reason to support the marriage strike.


blond bombshell said...

What Pete? You do not believe our "If you would fulfill our emotional needs, then we would fulfill your physcial needs" speech?


Maybe men are getting smarter after all...


pete said...

Oh, Shell, we are getting smarter. The emotional needs requirement is a vague ambiguous standard that every woman knows can never be truely fulfilled by a man. It is a moving target. The more the man tries and moves in that direction, the higher the bar is raised.

It is called manipulation!


Anonymous said...

Dah, Pete,that is why some of us choose not to be with men!


Legal Pub said...

More information then perhaps we need, Brenda. I think the point is that one person's needs may be perceived by another as manipulation.

Anonymous said...

Sure why not. Not enough cold woman in the world, let us add a few more.

Anonymous said...

These are holy women not cold women!

Jim said...

All women, including holy women, end up as cold women!