Thursday, May 3, 2007

Frivoulous Law Suit?

Judge Sues Cleaner for $65 Million Over Pants
LUBNA TAKRURI of the AP is reporting a bizarre lawsuit against a judge's local Dry cleaner.
The Chungs, immigrants from South Korea, opened their dry-cleaning business seven years ago in the nation's capital. For the past two years, they've been defending a $65 million lawsuit over a pair of missing pants.
Jin Nam Chung, Ki Chung and their son, Soo Chung, are disenchanted with the system. "This has destroyed their lives." A District of Columbia administrative hearings judge, Roy Pearson, filed the suit Pro Se. According to court documents, in May 2005, Pearson brought several suits for alteration to Custom Cleaners in Northeast Washington. A pair of pants from one suit was not ready when he requested it and was deemed to be "missing."
Pearson asked the cleaners for the full price of the suit($1,000.) But a week later, the Chungs found the pants and refused to pay. Pearson then decided to sue. The cleaners has apparently made three settlement offers to Pearson($3,000, $4,600, and then $12,000.) But Pearson rejected their offer.

Because Pearson no longer wanted to use his neighborhood dry cleaner, he requests $15,000 -- the price to rent a car every weekend for 10 years to drive to another cleaner. The rest of the $65 million comes from Pearson's interpretation of D.C.'s consumer protection law, which fines violators $1,500 per violation, per day. Pearson added up 12 violations over 1,200 days, and then multiplied that by three defendants. Custom Cleaners once had on its walls: "Satisfaction Guaranteed" and "Same Day Service." Peason claims the signs amount to fraud. D.C. Superior Court Judge Neal Kravitz, will hear the June 11 trial.

Update 6-25-07: The dry cleaner not only won the suit, but Pearson has also been ordered to pay the defendant's legal costs. Justice Lives!


Anonymous said...

Blonde Bombshell said:

This is the type of publicity that gives the legal system a bad reputation.


Anonymous said...

If ever there is a story of egregious behavior and outright rank intimidation by an “officer of the court” this is it!


Anonymous said...

My first thought was that this has to be joke right??? As a small business owner however I have been the victim of numerous ridiculous lawsuits none quite as obscene as this. This judge must be removed as he epitomizes everything that is wrong with the system


Anonymous said...

Shell, hard to believe you and I agree. Also good to see a topic which is getting some quick posts. Here's my analysis:

I hope that this idiot of a Judge has his suit reversed and he has to the pay the defendants - yes I hope Judge Pearson gets taken to the cleaners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This Judge is an embarrassment to all people not just here in the states!

Iron Mike

Anonymous said...

Wrong. Wrong! Just because you don't like a lawsuit doesn't mean it is not correct. The judge is 100% right in his case. The presense of both signs constutite fraud and false advertising. (If it did not, they would not have been removed!)

The Chungs technically could have been sued seperatly for each sign! If they want to leave the country, tell them not to let the door hit them on the way out. (Attempting to leave the country is just an effort to evade justice.)

You cant post a sign that has creates an obligation you have no intention of fufilling. To do so is "fraud."


Anonymous said...

You all commenting negatively about the judge don't have all of the facts. The fact that the judge is African American and the defendants are Korean is important. This is not the first time the judge has had to dispute a claim with these folks.

I suspect the judge will be able to show how these so called cleaners had been losing his stuff and over charging him.

Let's let the court decide before we rush to judgment.

Robert J.

Viper said...

Robert, race should have nothing to do with it. In general, we should not rush to judgment before we hear all of the evidence. But I must admit that as a lawyer, I find this insulting to the profession. The Judge should be investigated if this suit turns out to be frivoulous or intended as a means to harrass.

Anonymous said...

I think the Judge (regardless of the merrits) is going to wish he took the settlement offer!


Ms. Calabaza said...

I wonder if this judge wants the publicity . . . maybe his own TV show like Judge Seidlin in the Anna Nicole case? If so, I agree that empitomizes what is wrong with the system.

Ron said...

Nearly everyone agrees on this one, remove the Judge before he becomes more reckless and abusive to the community.

Phil, nice attempt at a joke, but we know you are kidding.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Ron, I see this as a simple breach of contract case. Defendant's guaranteed satisfaction in writing and they did not deliver. If they never intended to guarantee satisfaction, it is fraud.

Just because the plaintiff is a lawyer, why discriminate. In fact I think lawyers ought to be in a protected class all by themselves (perhaps designated as classless).


Did You Stop to Think? said...

After reading this, it is difficult to see why there are so many bad decisions and problems in our legal system...

I think the Chungs should just pay the $65 million just to not have to deal with the hassle anymore, already. I tell ya, some people.

Aren't judges always complaining that ridiculous suits clog up the system? Just curious, how much do the Chungs owe today? Such idiots. They could have settled with $65 million a few days ago, now they owe something like $65,001,043. Idiots!

Legal Pub, thanks for stopping my blog and posting. It's how I discovered your blog and it's quite good. Do you know the story of the guy who lived in Canada and broke his back in a swimming pool? That his attorney sent him to live in the U.S. so he could sue... do you know that story? If not, let me know and I'll share it with you. Also, thanks for the offer to mention my book. I will at another time and get a link up to your blog over the weekend. Have a good one.

Legal Pub said...

Welcome Ian. Tell us about the canadaian swimmer. Before you tell your story, feel free to introduce yourself. (I don't want to steal your thunder. On the other hand if you would rather remain annonymous that is fine too.) We have lots of loyal readers and some regular posters. We have everything from executives, lawyers, cartoonists, teachers, college students, a football coach and whole lot of good people. I invite you to share your insight, humor and your book. You may also wish to let people know where you are touring.

Anonymous said...

This judge is bad news. I can't think of a more inappropriate man for his position. Consequently, he will have my full support as Bush's nomination for the next Supreme Court vacancy.


Anonymous said...

Nah... Next Supreme Court Justice ought to be Hillary... It would keep her out of the White House.


Anonymous said...

Oh no, not Hillary. That would be cruel and unusual punishment banned by the constitution.


Anonymous said...

still think this judge was wrong on so many different levels.

Anonymous said...

A judge should know better.

Anonymous said...

Wonder what these poor people think about the U.S. legal system?

Anonymous said...

I am glad the Chungs came out ok. Now they can still go back to Korea if they are tired of us Americans, but they are also welcome to stay.


Anonymous said...

You were so right, Legal Pub. I guess, the legal system does still work. I take it all back. Now lets hope the bar association polices its own.


Anonymous said...

Great coverage from start to finish! Now we know where Headline news gets their scoops. LOL.

Viper said...

I have to agree Legal Pub, from an attorney's perspective, you called this case real early. After you published the story, I heard it on CNN etc.

Thanks for giving us the scoop.