Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Still More Famous Folks Making Legal Headlines

Courtesy of the A.P.: 2007-03-27 03:36:26
New York Subway Hero Sues Lawyer
NEW YORK (March 27) - A man cheered as a hero for jumping onto a subway track to rescue a stranger has sued a lawyer he claims manipulated him into an unfair contract meant to profit on his fame.
So let me get this straight... First he is a hero who did what anyone would have done. Now he is saying his lawyer didn't get him enough money for his heroic deeds. What do you all think about this malpractice suit?


Anonymous said...

Every one is entitled to cash in on their 15 minutes of fame. That is everyone but the lawyers.

J.D. Mills

Ms. Calabaza said...

I don't fault this guy for trying to cash in. Everyone else is getting their share. At least what he did was spontaneous, not contrived and it was heroic. BTW, great blog!

Anonymous said...

This is not a funny situation people!


Viper said...

What the gentleman initially did was heroic and to be admired. While he has a right to cash in on his fame and marketablitiy, by bringing this suit to negate his contract he has damaged his marketability.

In sum, he complains that the contract he signed inhibits his ability to cash in on his fame, but by bringing this suit he has damaged his own image and thus hindered his future ability to cash in on his own success.

Viper said...

Courtesy of A.P.:

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