Thursday, March 1, 2007

More Beauties with Legal Problems

Courtesy of the AP:

2007-02-28 16:15:28
Paris Hilton May Be Headed to Jail
Heiress' Probation May Be Revoked for Latest Violation
WEST HOLLYWOOD, Calif. (Feb. 28) - Paris Hilton could have her probation revoked - possibly resulting in jail time - if she is found to have been driving with a suspended license because it would violate conditions of her previous sentence for reckless driving, authorities said Wednesday.

Legal Pub:

Paris needs to hire a designated driver. Any takers?


Anonymous said...

I think I would take her for a drive...........

Anonymous said...

Iron Mike:

Hey, who wouldn't want to drive Paris Hilton. Well, at least if you are a real man you would offer to take her for a test spin.

Iron Mike

Anonymous said...

Hey Pub,

I click on the link for Paris and nothing happens, don't you know how to post comments? I thought a video of her would start running or something.

Wanting Paris

Legal Pub said...

Courtesy of the AP:

Actress Yancy Butler Arrested for DUI
SHARON, Conn. (March 15) - Yancy Butler, who starred in the canceled cable TV show "Witchblade," has been charged with a crime for the second time in as many months.

Legal Pub said...

Blonde Bombshell:

Let's be fair to us women. Some news on what we may be interested in!

Former 'Idol' Star Faces Sex Harassment Suit
ABC News
(March 13) - Sex, songs and "American Idol." That seems to be the theme of Fox's hit talent show this month.

First it was some racy online pictures of former "Idol" contestant Antonella Barba . Now it's a sexual harassment lawsuit.


pigen1 said...

well i think that Paris Hilton is a complete and utter twonk!

i hate her guts and i think that she should die to be fair!!

sheis such an air head and is so dumb and all she eva thinks about is her self in my honesty lol

sorry i have to say this