Friday, February 16, 2007

Looking for Potential Fathers

My gosh! Anna Nicole must have been pretty busy. Did she even know who the father of her child was at the time of her death. Seems to me the attorney may have crossed the line if he turns out to be the father. Why is this so important? The father of the child will inherit millions. Seems to me that the California judge is enjoying his 15 minutes of fame. Paternity in a hile profile case like this could be determined real quick to rule out the potential litigants with a blood test and a mouth swab. Why the delay? Is it all about becoming famous for 15 minutes?

Pull up a stool and let me know what you think about the whole affair and media circus.


Legal Pub said...

First patron enters the legal pub. He is a slick looking, bleached blonde surfer guy. So what do you think?

Legal Pub said...

Hey dude. I like the way you scoop the news. Anna Nicole is a big favorite of mine. She is one hot momma. Sign me up as a potential daddy at least in my dreams.

A lawyer fathering his client's baby, that is not right. Can't he get in trouble with that from the honky tonk bar association or something?
California Poppa

Viper said...

Hey, how about some service here?
You talk about the Judge taking too much time on the paternity matters but to get a drink around here is just as long of a wait!
That's better. (takes a long swig from glass.)
Now that lawyer Howard Stern, he is not the same dude with the radio show is he? I didn't think so. Anna would not have checked out so early if she was with the real Howard. (starts laughing.)

How about that plane on the run way for 9 hours. Now that is a wait. Bet there will be more lawsuits over that incident than Anna Nicoles fatherless baby.

Legal Pub said...

Hey, I agree. Let's swab the mouths and rule out the potential fathers right now. Delay in exchange for a few minutes of fame is just plain wrong.

Anonymous said...

Blonde Bombshell:

It is obvious that you don't get it! Howard Stern doesn't want the blood test because under Bahamma law he is presumed to be the dad even though he is not. The blood test would reveal Mr. Burkhead to be the father. It is not all as complicated as you men want to make it! Geesh!

Blonde Bombshell

Legal Pub said...

Oh, we get it. But how can a good girl like Anna Nicole not know who the father was of her baby girl? Surely, she would not have put Howard on the birth certificate in the Bahamas if she did not know Howard was the "real" father. Some times Shell, the real father may not share the same DNA but he is still "Dad."