Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Steve Stephens, FaceBook Killer, on the Run! ~by Legal Pub

Steve Stephens, 37, is another idiot.  He may at one time been a nice kind man, but all that goes out the window after he murdered 74-year-old Robert Godwin and then showed the video on FaceBook.  Stephens is attempting to shift the blame for his action on a "woman."   Stephens may have a bad former girlfriend, but that is no reason to kill someone. Stephens is not the first to be jilted by a lover nor will he be the last. A broken heart is never a reason to kill. (Stephens claims he has killed several people; however, only one murder has been confirmed.) Cleveland police were appalled by Stephens posting a video of the killing on Facebook which was apparently seen by millions.
Godwin's daughter, Tonya Godwin-Baines said Monday that the family forgives the killer.  CNN-affiliate WJW    While the family of the victim might offer mercy, the legal system will not.  Cold blooded killing may not be tolerated in a civilized world.
Stephens needs to turn himself in to authorities before he makes a bad situation worse.


Anonymous said...

Justice will not be kind to this man.

Anonymous said...

They are closing in on him

Legal Pub said...

Update: Stephens was found dead today. RIP

Video Guy said...

"A broken heart is never a reason to kill"
true...But! It has been scientifically proven that "Love" is a endorphin release, and when the person that one loves leaves, these endorphins are still being released for that person. This can cause actual physical and mental illness. "lovesick" is a word used in the past to describe this actual illness and something friends of the ill person need to consider.
"Time heals all wounds" is a phrase often used as support for such ill people...and it does work.
I'm just wondering when science will create a pill one could take to slow down these "Love Endorphins", as the world would be a safer place for lovers.

Legal Pub said...

Good to see you back Video Guy