Monday, June 8, 2015

Kalief Browder Kills Himself ~by Legal Pub

Solitary confinement without a conviction?  That is the allegation of Kalief Browder.  Browder was a 22- year old New York resident that was detained as a teenager at Rikers for three years. Browder was never convicted of a crime.  He claimed  during his detention he was physically manhandled and starved.  This weekend, he apparently committed suicide.

Violence and mistreatment was likely not an isolated allegation.  Video of Browder supports allegations of beatings by guards and inmates.  After three years, much in the time in solitary confinement, Browder was released.  After release, Browder had trouble re-acclimating to society. Browder had several visits to psych hospitals which apparently were not able to help him.  Bowder took his own life by hanging himself.
Browder's estate is represented by attorney Paul V. Prestia. 
The New Yorker

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