Monday, May 18, 2015

Texas Size Motorcycle Brawl Leave 9 Dead ~by Legal Pub

When rival motorcycle gangs clash over recruits and territory, it is likely to leave a bad mark.  A gang shooting happened in a Waco, Texas restaurant parking lot resulting in 9 death, 18 more wounded and 170 people arrested. At least five rival motorcycle gangs were involved in the carnage.

Brass knuckles, clubs, guns and motorcycle chains were all used at the Twin Peaks Sports Bar and Grill parking lot brawl.  The only saving grace is that no bystanders or police were apparently injured in the melee.  

The Bandidos Motorcycle Club was apparently one of the gangs involved in the brawl. The Bandidos and a few other gangs, including the Cossacks, apparently have not been getting along lately. The fight may have started with a shove but it ended in bloodshed. A fist fight became a knife fight which evolved into guns being fired.  Once the police became involved, it still took a few minutes for the situation to stabilize. 


Anonymous said...

Everything is bigger in Texas

Video Guy said...

Someone has too much time on their hands

Anonymous said...

A clash over recruits and territory ?? OK if you say so? Ego is always involved but am sure this is not about the headline but about revenge of some sort. Rats, Women beaters, Payback for someone F...king up and when someone started getting the short end of it the BS broke out, cause usually these guys have pretty relevant beefs that unfortunately usually have to end up going from one on one to gang on gang cause that's how they roll, as a family that back each other.which makes them in turn look like big bad biker gangs and their no different then two single rival drug dealers but they handle it one a more one on one basis same violence same news just smaller scale as with the publicity, i feel for them here cause i like there style of living when all the BS is nit involved. But there is no denying the guns, drugs, extortion, and murder that they have traveling with them as well. unfortunately it's like the pit-bull? Beautiful dogs that can be safe when raised properly, but there are always those who must use them as a extension of their D...k, and train them violent, to hate the uniform and to kill, and it's bringing down the whole breed???