Monday, April 13, 2015

Police are Human ~by Legal Pub

Humans make mistakes.  Cops are human. Mistakes are therefore made by officers.  The video is graphic.  But it also shows a mistake, not intent to kill. Reserve officer Deputy Robert Bates did not appear to intend to hurt Eric Harris.  The 72 year-old deputy just made a huge mistake which costs the 44 year old Harris his life.

The April 2, 2015 video shows the Tulsa County deputy chase and tackle the suspect.  (Harris was suspected of trying to sell an illegal gun to an undercover officer.) Bates instructs Harris to comply and says, "I need you to roll on your stomach."  A woman's voice is also heard to say, "Stop fighting."  During the struggle, a gun shot is audible. The surprised deputy says, "Oh, I shot him.  I'm sorry."

73-year-old reserve deputy, Robert Bates, has told authorities that he meant to use his stun gun.  It appears to be a mistake.  Unfortunately, it is an inexcusable mistake that cost a man his life.


Anonymous said...

That is going to result in a lawsuit!

Video Guy said...

What is missing in this post is the reason this unqualified man was given the position of an peace officer...because he donated much money. bought squad cars for the department amongst other things. Being a cop is hard work, and logic plays such an important role...and not all are qualified for the job.

In this case, he should be charged with murder...and the department should be sued.

like saying, i want to be a is $200K. And forget about the psychological tests...I'm good, cuz I'm rich