Monday, October 7, 2013

Christopher Jackson Charged But The Dog Goes Free?

Christopher Jackson may have a legal problem that not even the legal eagles can resolve.  This "confused" man was accused of branding his initials into his girlfriend's vagina.   While Jackson professed his innocence, the charging information alleged that he drugged his girlfriend and branded his initials into her vagina while she was unconscious. Christopher Lynn Jackson, the owner of Lawn Tamers, allegedly told his now-ex-girlfriend that he had done this to one or more girlfriends in the past according to the  New Times. Now, all accused are presumed innocent.  Allegedly, Jackson took his girlfriend to a baseball game. After the game, the woman was tired so Jackson allegedly offered her a pill to energize her.   She woke up in Jackson's bed in severe pain, and discovered the presence of branding tools. With the aid of a warrant, a butane torch and branding equipment were subsequently discovered by the police.

In Jackson's defense, the incident allegedly occurred in May, but it apparently was not reported to police until at least a month later. Furthermore, the evidence strongly suggested that the letters "C" and "J" were branded to her vagina; however, that does not necessarily constitute an abbreviation for Christopher Jackson.It could stand for many things, including "Cool Jeans." Alternatively, the J may have been a sloppy I.  Furthermore, the evidence does not necessarily prove the act was done without consent. Nevertheless, Jackson, 49, was charged with aggravated assault with serious physical injury.
Again, Jackson is to be presumed innocent.

Even if guilty, this could have been an isolated misunderstanding.  Unfortunately for C.J., er.. Christopher Jackson, he has been arrested again.  He is now charged with allegedly having sex with a dog. Now, this too could be untrue or perhaps consensual.  Much will depend upon what the video police recovered shows.  (Yes, the police recovered videos that allegedly show Jackson and two women performing sex acts with a German Shepherd.) The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office apparently learned about the alleged bestiality while investigating the branding incident according to the
New Times. Allegedly a 61 year old woman portrayed in the video as orally copulating and having intercourse with the dog has been arrested. A 48 year old woman has also been arrested.

The German Shepherd, which is Jackson's pet, has not been charged. Jackson's bond was set at $30,000 on the bestiality charge.

All suspects are to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise in a court of law!


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Poor dog!

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This guy seems to be into Something kinky

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The dude is into branding. All good marketers know the importance of branding.