Monday, August 26, 2013

Miley Cyrus Makes A Father Proud?

Childhood stars... do they ever fail to disappoint us as adults? Miley Cyrus recently reinforced the stereo type of childhood actors and actresses gone bad. At the recent MTV Video Music Awards performance Sunday night, Miley shocked and disappointed most of her audience.Cyrus performed  "We Can't Stop."   Miley then remained on stage to perform "Blurred Lines" with Robin Thicke. Miley employed giant teddy bears, wild twerking, latex underwear and lots of tongue to the disgust of many. At times, Miley grinded on Thicke (who is a 36-year-old husband and father) and pretended to lick his chest.   While the camera panned to the crowd, both stars and lay folks appeared to be disgusted with Miley's transition from childhood star to promiscuous adult.

     Speaking of young adults with bad judgment, consider this Oberlin College student who posted anti-Islam fliers and racist cards around the campus.  The student said he meant them as a "joke" to provoke a reaction. Well it worked, the reaction is that it was not funny! The same student may also have displayed a large Nazi flag, which he also meant as a "joke."  Again, not funny.  He may also have transposed the face of the current Oberlin College president onto a picture of Adolf Hitler. 

The student, who shall remain unnamed, denied being racist and thinks people have overreacted to the fliers and posters. Apparently the young man was just looking for attention.  While his methods are disgustingly disappointing, as are Miley's, there is at least a silver lining.  Both attention seeking narcists apparently used nonviolent means to satisfy their need for attention.


Anonymous said...

Miley grabbed more attention in a minute than you will in a lifetime!

Anonymous said...

I got the feeling Miley was getting Robin "thick" below the waste with her grinding. Did you see the smile on his face and the bulge below the waist?