Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Julio Acevedo Needs to Turn Himself In and Do the Right Thing...

Hit and run has become too common of an occurrence.  While it is possible to understand a driver's fear and even panic, humanity requires a driver to exercise primary concern for potentially injured parties. Police are searching for a man suspected of driving the car that killed a pregnant woman (Raizy Glauber), her husband and their premature child.  Nachman and Raizy Glauber, both 21 died on Sunday. Their 4lb prematurely born child died on Monday.  The cab driver survived with relatively minor injuries. The victim's Hasidic Jewish community has offered a $15,000 reward for the driver's arrest.

Julio Acevedo, 44, was allegedly driving his BMW about 60 mph when the collision occurred with a cab.  The BMW was apparently registered to Takia Walker. (Walker was not, however, involved in the actual crash.) Acevedo is allegedly planning on surrendering to authorities. Acevedo allegedly told the Daily News of New York that he was fleeing from a gunman who was trying to shoot him when the accident in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn occurred. Acevedo allegedly told the Daily News that he fled the scene because he was worried he'd be killed. Acevedo also allegedly told the newspaper, "I didn't know they died until I saw the news."  According to the Associated Press, Acevedo was allegedly meeting with a lawyer and was arranging to turn himself in to authorities.

Acevedo is apparently no stranger to the criminal justice system.  was previously arrested last month for allegedly driving while under the influence. His blood alcohol was allegedly .13.  He also served time in prison in the 1990s for manslaughter after he was convicted of shooting Kelvin Martin.  Martin, whose moniker "50 Cent", was supposedly the inspiration for rapper Curtis Jackson's stage name.
While Acevedo may be scared, he is presumed innocent.  He needs to turn himself in and leave his fate up to the justice system. If he is innocent, he will be vindicated. If found guilty, he needs to be held accountable for his actions.


Anonymous said...

My bet is that he turns himself in ... if he does, can he claim the reward himself?

Anonymous said...

Maybe he can grab the money and pay for a lawyer

Video Guy said...

WTF is up with all the spammers?

As for this post, this guy and his background makes it plausible that someone wanted to kill him, and was chasing him at the time.
IDK how that would play out in his defense "IF" true. He has the right to evade an attacker, but don't think he can endanger others to do so.