Monday, February 18, 2013

Russia Claims the Sky is Falling?

The sky is falling.  Or at least that is what citizens of Chelyabinsk, Russia, must have thought when a metorite plunged into a nearby lake. (See photo courtesy of Mosco Times.)The meteor entered Earth’s atmosphere Friday morning over north Kazakhstan. It traveled over the vast territory of Russia before exploding over the Ural Mountains. It was about 55 feet wide with a weight of about 10,000 tons,  Scientists have established the composition of pieces of the meteor that exploded over the Chelyabinsk as "dark porous material."  The samples were without doubt meteorites, Viktor Grokhovsky, a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences commented.

"We ...can now say that the object was a regular chondrite, which contained at least 10% metallic iron and nickel alloy as well as shrysolite and sulfite,” said Grokhovsky.   There is a 24-foot-long hole in the thick ice on the lake where the meteor apparently fell into the lake. Divers have yet to find anything they thought might be a piece of the meteor.

Scientists are planning on naming the meteorite Chebarkul.  The blast was estimated at 500 kilotons, the equivalent of several nuclear bombs. Shock waves damaged thousands of homes and buildings. Hundreds were injured. A 150-foot-wide asteroid named 2012 DA 14 came within 17,200 miles from Earth within hours of the meteor event. However, the asteroid had a trajectory different from the Chelyabinsk meteor, and thus scientists believe the two meteors are unrelated.
Scientists believe that if the meteor had fallen or exploded at a lower altitude above one of the numerous military or nuclear facilities near Chelyabinsk, the consequences would have been catastrophic.  In light of this incident, does the world need a global warning and protection system or would that just be labelled as a "Chicken Little idea?"

Before we jump to conclusions, check out this video of two folks from Utah who claim to have seen this object in the sky over the U.S. at the same time:

Life of a Star is not Much Better Than that of a Meteor!
Country music star Mindy McCready, apparently took her own life.  The 37-year-old was found dead in Heber Springs, Ark. Neighbors heard gunshots at her home.  Mindy apparently shot her dog and then herself. Yet another fallen star who hopefully can find peace.

Ex Hero Blade Runner Falling Faster Than A Meteor...

  Oscar Pistorius'
beautiful girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, is dead.  The family of the slain model and reality The family of the slain model and reality  actress appear to be pointing fingers. Pistorius remains in custody after formally being charged with one count of murder.  According to The Times in South Africa,
June Steenkamp, the victim's mother, questioned, "why did he do this?"  Did steroids and alcohol allegedly found at Pistorius’s home play any role in the model's death?  Pistorius is unlikely to answer this question any time soon as he is appearing today for a hearing on bail.  

Blaming this death on "roid rage" would appear all to convenient. Steenkamp was shot four times and a 9 mm pistol.  The City Press also reported that a bloody cricket bat was found at the home of the double-amputee Olympic runner.  Of course, all reports are unconfirmed and all persons of interest are to be presumed innocent. 


Anonymous said...

At least they are not claiming it was one of our satellites and sending us a bill!

Video Guy said...

(the asteroid had a trajectory different from the Chelyabinsk meteor, and thus scientists believe the two meteors are unrelated.)
...I think they are. This asteroid was most likely knocked from its orbit in the asteroid belt by another asteroid. The collision would produce debris that would have a similar new orbit as the asteroid, and heading toward Earth. (another meteor was seen near San Fran the other day)

Considering the density of the Earths atmosphere compared to the vacuum of space, and the shape of the object entering, it would not be unusual for the object to make a zig or zag when entering. Like a flat rock being thrown into a pond, its trajectory can change upon entering the density of the water.

About 12 years ago I saw a much smaller version of the Russian meteor. I heard a pop light a lightbulb and the night sky lit up. I looked up just in time to see the curved meteor trail fading away. About a week later surveillance cameras in Denver caught a similar event and were aired on the news. The debris seems to be a grouping.

The reason Astronomers can predict such things as meteor showers is that the Earth passes through the orbit of old comet debris that have been in its path for generations. So it is easy to assume we also pass through debris of an Asteroid collision that has its own new orbit. This Asteroid collision may have taken place as far back as a 1000 years ago and we just intercepted it now., what else is out there waiting to hit us?

Video Guy said...

In Regards to Mindy McCready...She shot her dog first?? WTF !

If she had her child with her would she have killed it too??

Anonymous said...

Yup, probably wanted to take the dog (or if she had a kid) with her.

People who kill themselves usually are not thinking logically.

Anonymous said...

Blade runner... another hero bites the dust

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show you that all that success can vanish in a heart beat.

Video Guy said...

they found needles and steroids in ol’ Blade runner’s home…that stuff can make ya crazy, and violent.
Also, the bathroom door was locked from the inside. Don’t know of any cases where a burglar or intruder locked themselves in a room after entering the premises.

I watched an excellent documentary on the Sandyhook shootings, Frontline PBS.
Watch it if ya get the chance…insightful as Frontline digs into the case with their non-bias professional approach.

I blame Adam’s mother!

Anonymous said...

Steroid use does not usually equate to violence or murder. If it did, all the Aids patients on steroids would be rampaging the streets of San Francisco.