Monday, July 9, 2012

Jason Moss May Have Just Wanted To Sound Tough But He Apparently Scared The Bullies Too Much

It sounds like part of the script for American Pie Class Reunion.  Everyone loves a good underdog story. Revenge of the nerds comes to mind.  Its a great turn about nerd turned hero: unfortunately, reality tends to lead to different results.

Jason Carroll Moss, 38, allegedly made posts on Face Book indicating that he was harassed and bullied throughout high school and therefore he might take vengeance on his tormentors at his 20-year reunion.  Did the Texas man really intend a Columbine High School type massacre at the San Antonio's John Marshall High School's Class of 1992 reunion?

Police think that Moss stayed away from his high school graduation two decades ago because he "would have started the Columbine shootings early." They apparently think that Moss may be harboring deep resentments.  Moss allegedly posted: "I was picked on and bullied by a bunch of you when I went to school and I wanted to kill everyone that hurt me. I'm still seeking vengeance on all those who bullied and harassed me when I was growing up or went to school. You people do not know what you did to me."

Other alumni on the Face Book page called attention to Moss's posts to authorities according to KHOU.  Jason Moss was arrested Friday before 150 members of the '92 gathered for the reunion. There does not appear to be any proof that Moss actually planned to hurt anyone.  But he did apparently author the posts according to the Express News. Apparently Moss authored the comments because he didn't want to be picked on at the reunion.  VIDEO.
Moss is now charged with a misdemeanor for the threats. If convicted, he could face up to a year in jail. It is not believed that Moss has any criminal record.  Furthermore, Moss is to be presumed innocent of all charges and accusations until otherwise proven in a court of law.


Anonymous said...

What to say.. bullies leave them kids alone? Or, psychos, keep your facebook posts private?

Anonymous said...

kind of creepy looking... reminds me of the Adam Sandler movie when he goes back to school and calls a kid he used to pick on to appologize...