Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Has Antolin Garica-Torres DNA Solved the Murder of Sierra LaMarr?

Is another sick demented monster off the streets?  Santa Clara County Sheriff Laurie Smith said Antolin Garcia-Torres's DNA was found inside a bag belonging to Sierra LaMar. The 21-year-old Torres is in custody for the kidnapping and murder Sierra LaMar.  DNA evidence was allegedly found in Sarah's bag and unspecified property belonging to Garcia-Torres. ( Garcia-Torres's DNA had been in a law enforcement database following an arrest on suspicion of felony assault.)  It appears that this was a stranger abducting a young girl for no apparent reason. Sierra was apparently kidnapped while walking to a school bus stop. She hadn't been seen or heard from since she left her home in Morgan Hill on March 16.

Authorities had apparently surveiled several suspects before focusing on Garcia-Torres.  Sierra's handbag with clothing and a cellphone were found along the side of the road near her home. Investigators also discovered a red Volkswagen Jetta that may have been connected to Sierra's abduction. Garcia-Torres apparently owns the Volkswagen. Garcia-Torres has yet to admit guilt and thus is to be presumed innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law.


Anonymous said...

Hope he tells where the body is located.

Anonymous said...

Poor little girl. R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

These perpetrators are cowards. They prey on defenseless little girls.

Let them live in eternity in the prisons with men who will make these perps be victims themselves.

Video Guy said...

"These perpetrators are cowards. They prey on defenseless little girls"

Yes, there is a specific psychological defect with people (women do it too) who do such things and it is said they can never be cured.

Years ago when visiting one of my sisters in California, she had two cats, a male and female that recently had a litter of kittens. By the time of my visit the kittens were old enough to walk around on their own but were still nursing. While we were all in her living room having a few drinks the sudden bursts of movement by the male cat drew my attention to it. I than noticed he was stalking the kittens that would venture away from the mother. He would stalk, than jump a lone the kitten, pin it down and lick its butt, than run away. I told my sister that her cat was a perv and she said she knew and continued with the party. I was stunned to see this type of behavior in an animal…a pedophile Cat!

So apparently this type of behavior is prevalent in the animal world as well. Is this type of behavior something that has been passed down through genes from the past and in some gene pools with specific bloodlines? A woman friend of mine is testifying against a relative of hers for pedophilia. She claims this man who is a cop now molested her when young as well as the young girls he is accused of molesting now. She also says there were others through out the years and says his brother is the same way. Nature or nurture…I’m leaning towards nature on this subject now.

But in this case I think this guy is more of a rapist than a pedophile and statistics show they have usually been caught for something similar in their past and they decide to kill to eliminate a witness. I wonder if there is a gene for this as well where the male inherited a desire to just take sex from a woman by any means? In the animal world the dominant male of the pack will just take sex from the females and maybe something we have not breed out of, or evolved to with specific bloodlines.

I’m not excusing his behavior, just observing.

Anonymous said...

Castrate then imprison

Anonymous said...

CAstrate then terminate is what I suggest as a preferred alternative.

Jacqueline Ortiz said...

Poor little girl. R.I.P.