Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Was Franchesca Edwards Merely Wanting To See Things Go Up When She Rode A Hotel Elevator While Naked?

Humane behavior continues to provide a fertile source of amusement. Perhaps Franchesca Dominique Edwards did not want Senator Edwards to be the only "Edwards" caught with their pants down. Supposedly on March 26, police in Norfolk, Va., Dominique became the subject of a 911 call from a hotel employee. The hotel employee reported a "nude female" on the elevator, "screaming with [a] gun."Apparently, a hotel maintenance worker was the first to encounter the 25-year-old and her birthday suit. Franchesca Dominique Edwards.

According to the Henrico County Police Department, "When the doors opened, a lone female was standing in the elevator completely nude with her purse..." Police Lt. Eric D. Owens, reported that a staff member had requested that Edwards leave the premises, at which time she pulled out a toy "cap gun." (Just think, if Senator Edwards had been firing blanks, he would not have "produced" evidence of his inappropriate conduct.)

Franchesca Edwards was taken into custody without incident. She was charged with two misdemeanors, indecent exposure and brandishing a weapon. (Seems the weapon charge in bogus and depending upon how good Franchesca looks, the term "indecent" may be harsh.)

Edwards did not offer an explanation for her actions. Edwards must be presumed to be innocent of all charges until she is proven otherwise in a court of law.


Anonymous said...

She may have given a rise to several of the male hotel guests had they chosen the elevator instead of the stairs.

~Jay said...

Just another crazy kid enjoying the ups and downs of life.


Anonymous said...

Still can't figure out WHY?