Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Can Mothers Contractually Agree To Allow A 19 Year Old To Date A 13 Year Old?

Some matters are just not proper subjects of contractual agreements. Similarly, love can not circumvent the law. Two New York mothers have apparently found that out the hard way. The two mothers allegedly signed an agreement allowing one mom's 13-year-old daughter to date the other's 19-year-old son. The contractual agreement did not prevent the police from getting involved. Now, Shawn German, 19, is allegedly in trouble for dating his 13-year-old girl friend despite having the written permission of the girl's mother. German's mother, Tracy Lisi, 38, signed the agreement in hopes of avoiding any legal problems. The 13 year old girls mother apparently did the same. But both mothers were arrested in September. Because of the girls age, Shawn German has been charged with second-degree rape. The mothers face charges of child endangerment according to a Times Union report.

For more details see the Times Union. Also keep in mind that these are just allegations and that all suspects are innocent unless otherwise proven in a court of law.


Blond Bombshell said...

Is this just not common sense that you can not do this?


Anonymous said...

What are folks thinking now days?

Ms Calabaza said...

Common sense is a rare commodity.

katfish said...

Given that a 13 year old child is not old enough to consent to sex....I'm just curious what would make a mother of a young girl think she had any right to obligate her child to have sex. In my mind, a contract such as the one alleged here goes beyond a deficit in common sense
.....straight to child abuse.

Just a thought, I wonder how the boy's 38 year old Mom would feel if he was dating the girl's mother instead, technically with these standards her mom might be as young as 26 or 27?

Anonymous said...

I think the contract was to prevent the boy from being in legal trouble should the girl get pregnant.

katfish said...

Anon, you are correct. I didn't read the contract, but that is what the article says.

That however, doesn't change my opinion. Here is how I got there....A pregnancy doesn't occur from playing tiddly winks....so it is a contract that condones sex with her daughter.

I just think there was more intended in this contract than protecting this guy from legal trouble if she got pregnant, given the fact he can't legally have sex with her in the first place.

To understand the reason I think she "obligated" her daughter to have sex with this guy you have to put yourself in these kid's place...Let's say they are necking and on this occassion she doesn't want to go any further. I could just hear this kid saying well...I have a contract from your mom saying I can, so you have to.

I don't know about these days but back in my day (ages and ages ago) boys would say anything to get in a girls pants.

I think her mother putting her in this position is criminal whether this girl was willing or not.

Video Guy said...

Now this guy will be a registered sex offender for the rest of his life... If sex between them did occure it was not forced.
I think this clutters up the program as I'm concerned about the dangerous offenders and not some backwoods southern states boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Some still think its normal for a girl to marry at age 14 in some of those areas...not saying it is right but it is a way of their culture and they see no wrong in it.

Secrets said...

That girls mother needs some serious slaps!!!

And what the hell is wrong with that 19 boy? Why does he want to date a 13 year old??

Maybe he needs to be labled as an offender. He shouldnt be looking at a 13 year old in a sexual way. Thats sick and illegal!!

Bottom line....he's stupid!! And that girls mother is a child abuser and a f***ing idiot.

katfish said...

I agree that it is wrong to label this kid a registered sex offender, the same as a pediphile is labeled for several reasons:

1. Many 18 or 19 year old kids may have maturity equal to a younger girl say of 16. To stick this label on the kid for life is wrong.(13 is cutting it close though)
2. Wastes LE resources tracking these type of offenders that would be better used to track offenders like that Girrardo guy.

At the least there should be some type of ranking (if there already isn't) so when a child goes missing LE can concentrate their efforts on the worst offenders. I guess my opinion is just a wordy version of "clutters the program". Sorry, I don't mean to sound argumentative.

This case just irks me. I doubt if this relationship was forced, but it was certainly reinforced by these kids parents. 13 is very young, some girls don't even have periods until this age, this is what 6th or 7th grade?

This is not some backwoods southern states boyfriend/
girlfriend relationship.
these people are from Schenectady, NY population 61,000+

While some cultures have no problems with a 14 year old marrying an adult in this country it is still illegal and THAT is the issue here. Just ask Warren Jeffs.

Anonymous said...

Ding ding. Compare the kid to Warren Jeffs, now there is a tool.

katfish said...

Noone compared Warren Jeffs to the kid except you. I cited Warren Jeffs as an example of those "cultures" who believe it is ok for adults to marry young girls. Please don't put words in my mouth.

krystal said...

I have mixed feelings on this one. I was 14 and my first boyfriend was 20. We were together for over 4 yrs and honeslty is still one of my best friends. So, just because he is 6 yrs older does not mean he is a creep and should be labled as a molester.Have you seen 13 yr olds lately they look like they are 18 and some not all act like it too. I was very mature for my age, I moved out when I was 16 and been doing great ever since. Now on the otherhand I have a 6 yr old and would I want her at 13 to be with a 19 yr old no I would not but would I want him locked up for wanting too, NO! FYI the person who said 13 was like 5th or 6th grade needs to think again most 13 yr olds are in 8th grade.

Anonymous said...

I hear you Crystal. Some times the results of these laws applied to special cases produces bad results.

I think the parents should be able to petition for exceptions on behalf of the rare case where a very mature girl under the age 16 falls in love with an older teen.

Secrets said...

I don’t care how mature you are...girls under 18 don’t need to be sexually active (with or without a parents consent)...PERIOD!!!

It’s immature and naive to think that a 14yr old is a suitable partner for a 20-year-old man.

The mature thing to do is for him to wait until your 18 when your body and mind are old enough to make an informed decision about sex and relationships.

In any culture...ITS SICK AND DEPRAVED!!

Anonymous said...

How about folks married for 50 years who got married in their teens?


Anonymous said...

How about folks married for 50 years who got married in their teens?


Secrets said...

The operative word is "teens" RALPH

I dont have a problem with teens entering into relationships and staying together for 50 years.

I do, however, have a problem with grown ass men (over 18) dating girls in f***ing middle school.

I dont give a s**t how long it lasts. Its NASTY!! AND ILLEGAL!!

Anonymous said...

16 is legal in some states. In my day, teens dropping out of school was the norm.