Monday, July 21, 2008

Did Polygraph Test Costs Lt. Major Garvin His Job? ~by Surfer Dude

So, surfing on the right coast can be hit and miss. During bad times, surfers may have occasion to grab a coffee and rub elbows with the locals finest. Daytona Beach, despite all of its spring time tourism is relatively quiet in the summer months in large thanks to local authorities. How are the cops repaid? Lt. Major Garvin, a 15 year veteran of the Daytona Police Department has been accused of demanding free coffee and tea from a Starbucks. The accusation is that if he did not get such freebies, store employees would receive slower emergency response times. (Could he merely have meant that without caffeine he might accidentally sleep through an emergency call? Now wait, I am serious. I know if I had to work a hoot owl shift, my response time might be delayed without caffeine.) Any way, Garvin is accused of visiting a local Starbucks as many as six times a night. He allegedly cut in front of paying customers and demanded free drinks. (I seriously doubt that a single customer complained. Nevertheless, Lt. Major Garvin was apparently fired because of the accusations.)

According to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, Garvin recently supposedly failed a polygraph test that he insisted on taking. (Officer, now do you realize why defense attorneys never recommend polygraphs? I say supposedly because I believe such tests are subjective and unreliable. LINK)
Before you all accuse me of turning into an establishment guy (nothing could be further from the truth) I just don't think it is right that this cop get fired for expecting privileges that cops typically get all over the country. Ever hear of job perks? Well, not me because I don't work, but if I did...
(Legal Pub edit: As always, keep in mind Officer Garvin is presumed to be innocent until otherwise proven.)


ralph said...

Never figured you would be first in line to defend the man. Good for you.


Anonymous said...

donut patrol

Ms Calabaza said...

Surfer Dude,

this line made me laugh:

"Ever hear of job perks? Well, not me because I don't work, but if I did..."

This guy shouldn't lose his job over this! Dunkin Donuts would never have treated him this badly...and their coffee is just as good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, how about equal time for Dunkin Donuts! For years we been taking good care of our cops!

thrill Jill said...

If he intimidated employees, that was way wrong. But if he just had his hand out, maybe he should have just been slapped on the wrist?


Anonymous said...

Look, I like free coffee as much as the next guy…it adds up, do the math. But to intimidate people to give it to you, that’s just wrong. 2 weeks off? That’s about a $5,000 fine for him. That’ll break him of the habit.

But lie about it? No way! Got to go! People lie, I get that. And cops are people too. But they don’t lie. Well, at least not get caught and expect to get away with it. Lie and you’re gone. Just the way it is.

Honor above all else.


Anonymous said...

I am with you L.S. If you can't trust a cop who can you trust?

Anonymous said...

I am with you Surfer Dude, whats a cup of coffee for our boys in blue?

Secrets said...

First of all, why did his dumb ass insist on taking a polygraph?

This greedy bastard took an oath to protect and serve, not get served for free.

He gets to regularly assault and kill people in the name of the law. But thats not enough. He had to demand coffee and lie about it.

That lying, bitchass, cheap ass, corrupt dick head derserves to be fired!!

You reap what you sow a-hole!

Legal Pub said...

Joes Comment was deleted for editing. Joe, no problem with your thoughts, but Google has a policy against profanity so your post was edited as follows:

Joe said...
Secrets your the *** and any body who would believe a story like this is stupid *** and should have their brain checked. A verteran cop of 16 years is going to risk his job over a cup of coffee, give me a f****** break. The man made over 80,000 thousand a year and now he's going to be hella rich when he sues starbucks ass beacuse of their dumb*** employees. There are many reasons why people fail a polygraph tests; anger, fear, on medication and thats why it will get thrown out in court

July 23, 2008 1:56 PM

Secrets said...

Joe, are those the reasons you failed your polygraph?

I assume Legal Pub checks the validity of their stories.

Lets see if he sues. If not, you should have your brain checked too, dumb ***.

Legal Pub said...


Both the Suntimes and the Daytona
Beach News-Journal reported the polygraph. Nevertheless, Surfer Dude still said "supposedly failed." Personally, I am not a big fan of polygraphs. I don't feel they are reliable although the general public thinks to the contrary. I have some experience testing some liars who have passed and some innocent folks who have not. As a lawyer, I would never recommend that anyone take a polygraph even if they had an iron clad defense.

It will be interesting to see if he sues Starbucks or just lets it drop. Whether he wins or not, that may be a totally different story.

Anonymous said...

Mr gavin is innocent its jus cuz hes black and shes white is why he got terminated!!how ignorent!!!

Anonymous said...

Major is an amazing man. that girl at starbucks is a racist bitch.she only likes people her color.if you askedany of the oter employees they would tell you that she has been rude and terrible to him since the beginning

Anonymous said...

Always two sides to every story and Major Garvins is worth listening to.